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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2013 









'^ +^) ^yi ^N— r^ o ^ y^x 




P H S 

''Challenge Yourself 
1981 Cliallenger 
Kellam Higli Scliool 

2323 Holland Road 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456 

"KicKji K»*''Ai'foM^^^t 





^^w . I 

The courthouse shows its beauty from a 
different angle. 

After twenty years, Kellam is still home 
Co many students through most of the 




• 1 ^<' 

. "", . 

1 . 





BILL,. 1 

* . Vj. j> jjIH^S 



..'' A,. 


Dut and About . . . 

Kellam district falls right in the middle of the Municipal 
:enter of Virginia Beach. The Count House, the School 
3oard Adminstration building, and many others are 
loused at the center. The buildings have a colonial style of 
architecture; the church across the street and many of 
;he surrounding houses reflect this style of architecture. 


^ ■'1 .,». 



' I 









St. John's church seems to emit an aura of peace 
and tranquility. 

The beauty of this scene is one the citizens of Virgi- 
nia Beach feel proud of. 

He-cjcu'tiel Hoarc ' 
fooKin* leq^. t^oa'T 

Since Kellam's beginning, it has been 
surrounded by beautiful houses. 

S4a(^ craz q^ ood 
bon't le-t G«"''c 

What did he say? 

Having so many farms around Kellam, tender 
scenes like this nr^^ bt'^ familiar. 

To most people, school is a very chal- 
lenging pasttinne, one that requires 
much hard \A/ork. and dedication. For it 
can only be dedication that keeps us 
getting up at B:00 A.M. to leave our 
nice, warm beds to step out into the 30° 
\A/eather to freeze our toes off while 
scurrying to get dressed. There are 
also many long hours of practice for 
band and sports and hours of hardwork 
in the many different clubs and student 
activities. Some work hard in ways 
other than studying; they diligently labor 
to bribe teachers and buddy up to them. 
There are also the treacherous hours of 
sitting through torturous lectures pre- 
tending to be interested while really 
dreaming of the many fun activities to 
be enjoyed: such as horse-back riding, 
surfing, partying, and sleeping! Alas! 
Finally the clocks and empty halls signify 
the end of another day. One less day left 
of the school year! 

And heree the line up, which of these viciouH, 
cruel-looking criminalB did it? 

OK, Mugsy. if he won't give us the "info" let's take 
'em for a ride. 

And the first contestant in the Mr. Kellam Con- 
test, Mr. Cornell. 


Senior Homecoming Attendant, Stephanie 
Willianns and her escort, Mr. Frank Willianns. 


Last years Homecoming Queen. Cindy Ringer- with 

Mr Hill, 

The 19B1-82 Homecorning Queen, Sandra 
Brininger. with her escort, Tom Felch. 

1981-8S ■■ 




^ ^-^ 


Junior AtCencJanL. Lor i Ljreer i. \A/iLt i r ler e&ccjf L. 
Mr. Green. 

Sophomore Attendant, Rosa Garcia, with hen 
escort. Mr. Garcia. 

Sophomore Attendant, Tracy Bartlett. with nen escort. 
Andrew Johnston. 

An UnlDiased 

Referees, what could we do without them? How big a 

role do they play at our games? 

Without the referees, no one would ever officially win. 

plays \A/ould never be settled. 

A referee must be imipartial yet fair, a difficult thing 

to do. He miust know all the rules and regulations of 

football in order to make a fair decision. 

Not many people notice a referee until they disagree 

with his decision. So. the next tinne you start to yell at the 

referee's decision, remember that we need an outside. 

unbiased opinion to settle our differences. 

Far the first time in 1 O years, Kellam had a bonfire. 







KJBLUWT. —^ --r^SI 






The football team anxiously waits for the time to burn dummies. 

Its juBt another happy ending 


Bomecoming Sparks Spirit 

With a rainbow of colors, the MadrigalB a\A/alt the 
announcement of the vA/inners' float. Dreannland 
seams to be a place we all sA/ant to be 


David McHae and Maria Walsh show their true colors on 
Country Day 

Could you tell me where I can get a map? 

Many students showed their school 
spirit by joining in on the Spirit Week fest- 
ivities before homeconning. 

On the first day of spirit week, students 
wore old jeans, straw hats, and flannel 
shirts for Country Day. 

The second day was Tourist Day. and 
the students wore sunglasses and 
shorts. Most of them carried cameras. 

The third day was New Wave and Punk- 
ers' Day. Students really showed their 
spirit on this day. They wore miniskirts, 
plastic trash bags, and mismatched arti- 
cles of clothing. Some students even 
went as far as coloring their hair red, 
green, or blue. 

Dress Up Day was the fourth day. Girls 
were in dresses, guys, in suits, and every- 
thing done to perfection on this day of 
spirit week. 

Dn the fifth day of this memorable 
event, the students showed their Kellam 
Spirit and pride by wearing the ol' black 
and gold. 

') I 





^ it' ^ 

KnigMs Of A Different Order. 

J, ^/4»*/-•'— 

1. *A^*w 



One, Two. Three. . . Kick 

Kellam psychs itself up for another game. 


Coach Garret, once again turns a\A/ay from the 

Old tinner Tony Krug gives advice to sophomore 
David Tenry. 

Essential to the success of any school is the 
role of the faculty. Although they have different 
titles — Principal, Assistant Principal, Guidance 
Counselor, Teacher — they function as one to 
provide leadership and guidance for the stu- 

As instructors, disciplinarians, and often as 
friends, the faculty members help inspire and 
push students toward excellence. They feel that 
students need to do more than just the bane 
essentials. Beyond reading, writing, and 'nith- 
mietic. teachers encourage students to partici- 
pate in sports, clubs, and other extracimicular 
activities. Many faculty miembers serve as 
coaches and club sponsors. Recognizing the 
extreme importance of activities outside the 
classroom, these teachers remain at school 
long after classes have ended. Along with after- 
noons and many evenings, teachers, spend 
weekends and other days off with their clubs 
and teams. 

Often swamped with paperwork, our guid- 
ance counselors and principals always make 
time to help students. They help \A/ith problems 
both personal and acedemic. Counselors pro- 
vide information on test scores, colleges, and 
occupations. These counselors give support in 
a student's pursuit of higher education and en- 
courage students to go on beyond high school. 
The principals provide discipline and leadership. 

Faculty members who are not coaching are 
often our most enthusiastic and supportive 
fans. Looking into the crowd at both home and 
away games, you will often find a group of ex- 
cited, spirited faculty members cheering loudly 
for our team. 

Together, our faculty provides guidance and 
inspiration for the entire student body to make 
the learning experience a memorable and re- 
warding one. 




Leading and governing the 
students of Keliam High 
School is the chief purpose of 
the Administration. Under the 
supervision of Mr. Letcher 
Hill, Keliam strives to maintain 
its standards of scholarship 
and athletics. 

Assistant principals, Mr. 
Kenneth Lunnpkin and Ms. 
Joanne Belda. aide Mr. Hill in his 
administrative duties. Each 
assistant principal is responsi- 
ble for a section of the student 
body. Those people with last 
names beginning with A-L con- 
sult Mr. Lumipkin and those 
beginning with M-Z get advice 
from Ms. Belda. 

This teami of fine admiinis- 
tratops encourages students 
to do their best during their 
years at Keliam. 

Thomllnson, Bookkeeper. Debbie Boomer, blende Futoh. Mery Allen. Secreceriae 



' i 1 


\ ^ 

If -1^ 

1 ^ 

-•■ ^ ■- 


Joanne Belda 
Assistant Principa 


Robert Setzer. Guidance Counselor 

The Student 

Helen Mitchell, Guidance Counselor 

When students feel down 
and troubled and when they 
need a helping hand with sched- 
ules, they have friends, four 
fo them: Ms. Predmore, Mr. 
Setzer, Mrs. Mitchell and 
Mrs. Whiteway, Kellam's gui- 
dance counselors. These 

counselors shuffle schedules 
to get students the classes 
they want and advise students 
on what they should take. 
Questions about colleges and 
test scores can be answered 
by your guidance counselor. 

Barbara Whiteway. Guidance Counselor 


Kelly McCoy, Librarian 

Carol Kowalski, Nurse 

Sandy White, Librarian 

Betty Barrett, Registrar 

Carol Sears, Guidance 

k\ \ . 

Elizabeth Pnednnore, Head Guidance Counselor 


Matli Has Its Own Language 

Wilma Eagas 
Science. Math 
Probability and 

Edith Jones 
Ele. Algebra, 

Ele. Algebra, 
Algebra II Trig. 

Patricia Maturo 

Ele. Algebra 

Stuart Payne 

Algebra II Trig., 

Calculus, Connp. 


George Owens 

Ele. Algebra, Geoimetry 


Teacliing a Trade 

There are many different math classes at 
Kellam. Some of them are more difficult than 
others. The termonology used in math 
courses is unlike an\/ other. It takes special 
skill to teach these words, with their strange 
pronunciations, to students. This skill is 
evident in our math teachers. These 
teachers prepare students for college 
courses which will be similar . The connputer 
science course teaches skills for a future of 

Skills for a future trade are also taught at 
Kellam. Fashion Merchandising, marketing 
and shop skills are taught by a group of 
teachers who are themselves skilled in these 
areas. These courses will help many students 
get jobs and secure a good future for 

Linda Babb, Marketing, Fashion Merchandising 

A Separate Peace, Th.e Scarlet 

Barbara Hahn 
English 1 O 

Ellen Wadsworth 
English 1 D. 1 1 

Dori Videtich 
English 1 O 

Betty Smith 
English 1 2 


Letter, and Gulliver's Travels. . . 

- 1 


Flo Blankenship, English 1 2, Journalism 

Reading and writing. Sonne- 
times it seems those are the 
only things English teachers 
know how to assign. We read 
books that are not always in- 
teresting, but the teachers 
are miore interesting than the 
plot. Understanding the au- 
thor's reasons for writing and 

figuring out the themes and 
morals to these stories are 
more interesting tasks than 
remembering who the main 
characters are. Some day, 
students will say thank you to 
their English teachers for 
assigning reading and writing. 

Anne Bright, English 1 1 
Peggy Middleton, English 1 1 

Down To Basics 

The English Department has 
found it necessary to spend 
more time on the basics. The 
commas, semicolons, and apos- 
trophes. These teachers want 
to make sure that students 
master these skills before mov- 
ing out into the world. These 
teachers must also spend the 
timie so that students will pass 
the Minimum Connpetencies re- 
quired for graduation. Students 
must understand that these 
teachers do not teach grammar 
to frustrate the students. They 
are doing it to help the students 
make it safely out of school and 
into the outside world. 


Inez Bryan, Advanced Comiposition, English 


Marilyn Jackson, English 1 1 

Tlie Sliow Never Ends 

The music and art departments 
provide students with the oppor- 
tunity to display their artistic tal- 
ents. Band performances, choral 
concerts, and art shows let other 
students see just hov^/ much these 
young artists have learned. Mr, 
Dorosz, Mr. Correll, and Mrs. Gib- 
son are responsible for the motiva- 
tion and practice these students 
need to perfect their talents. Start- 
ing at the beginning of the year 
these three teach, guide and even 
push their students toward excell- 
ence. Without such skillful motiva- 
tion the show might never begin. 

Raymond Dorosz, Art 

David Correll 

Band, Music Theory 

Betty Gibson, Chorus 


Analyzing the Past 

Bill Wicks, U.S. History 

Ann Rowan, U.S. History 


Sue Basdikis, Psychology 

Emily Morgan. U.S. History, World History 


Marilyn Wicks 

Bill Daley 

La\A/ana Evans 



Mike Lambiotte. Government, U.S. History 

Covernment and History 
tachers try to help students 
iialyze and understand events 
c the past. They try to make the 
Ciurses more interesting for 
i anyone by going beyond the 
( inted word. Since everyone is 
r quired to take history and 
' ) /ernment, classes are not al- 
>3ys small. The large classes 
(luld cause teaching and learn- 

Jinn Sereno 

ing problemis, but our teachers 
seem to find ways to work with 
large numbers of students. The 
facts learned in these courses 
can help the students, as future 
American leaders, not to make 
the same mistakes of the past. 
These teachers are playing an 
important part in the future of 
the world. 





Cultural Encounter 

Preparing For The Future 


Wayne Pond, Power and Trans., Electronics 

Glenn Webb, Metals, Power and Trans. 

Chris Corso, Crafts, Woods 

Robert Snnith, Drafting, Woods 

Mil<e Venture, Woods 





There is more going on upstairs in 
those business classes than typing. 

Although typing is a nnajor subject 
taught in the business department, stu- 
dents can take classes dealing with law, 
economics and accounting. These 
classes are not only useful to students 
who are planning to enter these fields as 
a career. Classes such as Business Law 
provide knowledge that everyone 
should have regarding rights, laws, and 
general facts. 

Pam Mercer 
Steno, Office Services 

Maria Stornn 
Clerk Typing, Business Law, Business 


^ m 

Jackie Butler 
General Business, Stenography, Office Services 

Delores Stone 
Office Services 


Dissecting a 

^^ L/<^ • 


The scientific minds of Mr. Bak 
er, Mr. Becker, Mr. Gunn, Mr 
Multer, and Mrs. Chappell are a 
ways hard at work. They teach 
subjects that are often consid- 
ered the most difficult ones in 
the school. These teachers must 
also be counselors for confused 
students who conne to them for 
guidance and ans\A/ers. These 
teachers know they have done a 
good job vA/hen they watch stu- 
dents take home prizes in science 
fair after science fair. Who 
knows? They may produce the 
next Einstein. 

Larry Becker 

Richard Baker 
Chemistry, Ecology 

Dan Gunn 
Earth Science, Drama 



Richard Multen 
Physics, Chemistry 

\ OX. 

A Vi^ ^ 

\\ \l^ 



Mary Chappell, Biology 


To P.E. or not to P.E. 

Kevin Michaels. Physical 

Dot Durrant, Physical Education 
Beverly Torok. Physical Education 


Odds and Ends 

Commander Dow 

Sam Wernick 
Learning Disability 

Barbara Sciontino 
Reading, Public Speaking 

Norman Wilde 
Special Education 

Teresa Harrington, Clothing, Interior Decorating 

Claire Liebert, Effective Parenting, Marriage and the 
Family, Foods 


WW •!■ ■■—■l^Wll 






Lorine McCoy, Eileen Brunelle, Marion Williams, Sarah Lee, Ruth Gray, Phylis Fuller, Mary Binder, Erma Spence, 
Lola Kulpa. 

Johnny Brown, Milton Saunders, Cleophus Holsey 

Rosie Harris and Debra Olds 


Xyxr \ , ^ 



O o o 

-ti?acVv {Y^e 

9v \0^S 


Q^^iAO 4o ec [VUL \i fjj^ 


ctiAne -vAm:^ so^vTvo^<r 

J Ic c Iv kx 


-L ^ Wp^ \jO^ c^oA.^ /\u(^o or\j^ iVK\^\ %\ij(^^^ CoMg^ ^ 

. \ o \ " Describing the student body of a school Is not ^'^ \ 

^ asse 





1 ^^ 


e. r 

\D-fl-Co.jjULJ)- Vj^DUAX 

Describing the student body of a school is not 
always easy. Our school has people from many 
different places and with nnany different in- 
terests, but one set of adjectives cannot de- 
scribe the school as a whole. 


The students of our school are supportive 
spectators at athletic events. Cheering loudly 
for teanns that did not always vA/in, we were 
behind them one-hundred percent, win or 



"Km aq 

x| — y loose. 

li iPy V-\ (? /". p /", \ \ ^ '^ active support of the school's clubs, stu- 
' Wilents bought up all the things that were sold. 


r^coUu di 

Pens, pencils, and T-shirts bearing the school's 
name and mascot were all over the school. 
Grams for every holiday and carnations and 
mums vA/ere sent to friends and loved ones in 
support of one club or another. 

From two different junior high schools and 
^ . often from two distinctly different parts of the 
^O i^Tcity, students meet and merge into one group 
• — ; — ■ at the beginning of every school year. The old 

\j^ P \ vTA ^ Ol « ^ C\Kj^C -> ^ junior high school rivalry is a hard habit for Sonne 
^ (\ to break, but it is done. 

n p\a r\\ r\A i f\r\ Y\/\ '— The challenges of making friends so different 
^-"^ 1^ from yourself and working alongside someone 

\ \ \ Vy^ Q 1 "1 - from another area are met with enthusiasm 

^^■'^^ and little difficulty. The diversity of the student 

, \ „ , J__\ K A body makes our school an interesting one to 

coll CKJv\(^ 


'1 \^CKJ^fUL 







V>0-^ CO-W 

"^^b^V^' We^ 


x^ W 






V » \ 

C-^^c^Q^ \-^Oy 


It is very difficult for the Sopho- 
more class to raise nnoney for the 
Crystalball. Every club gets its 
pick of projects first because they 
have seniority. Yet. the class of 
"S'^" has gotten off to a good 
start this year. They entered a dec- 
orated truck in the homecoming 
parade. Their sponsor Mrs. \A/er- 
nick helped them in choosing what 
projects they will undertake. Many 
have failed but the experience 
gained is very valuable . . . 

Tracy Bartlect. Kim McLoughlin. Debbie 
Turv-e. Csrne Carlson, Sherry Savage. 

Cheryl Akers 

Marc Albarillo 

Jeff Allgor 

Eric Amdal 

Mia Amici 

Tony Ammons 

Lisa Anderson 

Russell Andrews 

Heidi Angerman 

Mark Angerman 

James Arnold 

Kelh Ashley 

Chris Avii 

Lisa Aylesworth 

Buddy Bacs 

Tom Baiee 

Jon Barchick 

Fred Barcroft 

Jerry Barringcon 

Tracy Bartlect 

SoptLomore Officers Lead The Way 

Jamee Benton 
Shereen Baeeette 
Tanyia BactB 
Hugh Baum 
Brad Beach 

Mary Jane Bekier 
Pete Bellanger 
Matt Bielineki 
Gary Black 
Todd Blizzard 

Sherry Boney 
. Mary Bonney 
I Allan Booth 

Anthony Bosnengo 
Sam Bradley 

Dale Bright 
Jimmy Bright 
Julie Bright 
Debbie Brinn 
Randy Bristow 

Kevin Brock 
Michael Brock 
Kris Brocki 
Kurt Brocki 
Junior Brooks 

Steve Brotzman 
Sabrina Brown 
Steve Brown 
Ella Bryant 
Tina Bundick 


Andrea Burleson 
Hope Butler 
Keith Bybee 

Mary Campbell 

Laura Carpenter 

Marc Carr 

Charma Carter 

Curtis Carter 

Michelle Cason 

Liaa Cassel 

Kimberly Chnsman 

Robert Christian 

Sam Ciechon 

Brenda Cippolini 

Carmen Clerk 

Tina Clark 

Dawn Clift 

Anita Collins 

Karen Comstock 

Jerry Connelly 

Rayrnond Conroy 

AoQela Cooper 

Eric Cooper 

Chris Carpenter 

Michelle Costa 

William Coulson 


Mandy Counts 
Regina Counts 

Fred Cnowthen 
Travis Cox 

Todd Cram 
Mike Cribbs 
Margaret Cunninghar 
Shane Cunningham 
Dennis Daubert 

Mattew Davenport 
Tracy Davidson 
Angena Davis 
Kristen Davis 
Douglas Deal 

James Dear 
Paul Degner 
David Dennis 
Kelly Devault 
Angle Dickerson 

Kevin Doran 
Jimmy Dorman 
John Dorsey 
Russell Dorsey 
Monique Doutre 


Fearless Dragon Slain . 

Jason Dowdy 

Jennifer Drake 

Barbara DnscoM 

Deon Edney 

Sandy Edwards 

Richard Ednor 

Denise Elliott 

Larry Englana 

Lisa Echridge 

Ronnie Eubanks 

Linda Ewell 

Chip Fairfield 

Karen Fellers 

Skip Feller§ 

Tom Fellhauer 

Connie Ferguson 

Luanne Files 

Sheri Floyd 

Robin Flynn 

Brian Follewell 

Alfred Forbes 

Thonn ForsCer 

Susan Francis 

Karen Freeman 

Jimmy Fremeau 

Monday Morning Blues 


The fearless dragon has been 
slain!! Not by our Knight, but by a 
student who wishes to shovA/ his 
autistic ability. This vA/as one of the 
many things that helped to 
beautify the surroundings. 

There are nnany artistally gifted 
students whose art work is dis- 
played around the school. The au- 
ditorium contains many wonderful 
examples of their talent. 

The fearless knight attempts to slay the dragon. 

Teresa Frost 
Helen Fry 
Yvonne Fnykman 
Rosa Garcia 
Steve Garrett 

Wade Gatlin 
John Gerber 
Bob Giffin 
Ken Gilbert 
Denise Giles 

Chris Gist 
Marcia Granby 
Donna Green 
Tammy Green 
Donald Greer 

Daniel Gregory 
Mark Gregory 
Susan Griffin 
Teresa Griffith 
Kim Griggs 


James Gngolice 

Richard Grimes 

Roger- Grimes 

Gail Gnmstead 

Bret Hahn 





The cheerleaders practice 
long and hard for the few 
hours of cheering that we 
actually see. Yelling and 
cheering, the cheerleaders 
give support and en- 
couragement to all the 
athletes. Even when teams 
are not alvA/ays winning, the 
cheerleaders cheer them 
on. Without the cheerlead- 
ers underlying support, the 
athletes and the spectators 
\A/ould lose much of the ex- 
citennent of the events. 

Tern Hairston 
Mark Halscead 

Edward Hanes 

Mark Harrell 

Tommy Harrell 

Irecta Herns 

Regina Herns 

Daniel Hartman 

Norman Hassell 

Tony Haynee 






Sandi Heacock 

Judy Heffington 

David Heiolibough 

Tana Henderson 

Wendy HowiCC 


f *•! 

■ Pamela High 
Larry Hill 
Leslie Hill 
Mike Hill 
Aindrinell Hills 

Charles Holland 
Lois Holley 
Dawn Hood 
Robert Hook 
Kenneth Hyde 

Aaron Ingsam 
Sean lorio 
Robert Ivey 
Maxine Jackman 
Mike Jackson 

Mike Jenkins 
Albert Jernigan 
Patty Jobb 
Carlette Johnson 
Donald Johnson 

Lisa Johnson 
Ralph Johnson 
Scott Johnson 
Kim Jones 
Duke Jones 

Some people seem happy no 
matter when you see them. 



Scoct Jones 

Yvecte Joyce 

Jerry Karlis 

Gary Keith 

David Kelly 

Lisa Kelly 

Robert Kennedy 

Matthew King 

Malina Knights 

Kevin Krame'" 

Tammy Lagle 

Gail Lamberson 

Lisa Lamr 

Viktor Lao 

Joe Larkin 

Lisa Lawson 

Jeff Ledford 

Bryan Lei 



John Lee 
Julius Liguid 
Paul Lineangan 
Candle Livingstone 
Lori Lodge 

Dan Loftus 
Richard Lofxus 
Brad Logsdon 
Many Anne Longo 
Mike Lowery 

John Ludford 

Jeff Ludvik 

Lisa Lupton 

Matt MacFadden 
Richelle Maior 
Jeff Malbon 
Tino Manson 
Jimmy Mazione 




Here at Kellam. the students just 
don't seem to care as much about 
their school as they should. Evidence 
of this statement is vandalism that 
the school has suffered as well as a 
lack of school spirit. The attendance I 
at sporting events show the schools 
apathetic spirit. Attendance should 
be over\A/helmlng. Support for the 
school and its functions reflect on the 
student body as a whole. This problem 
is a challenge we can all meet, if we try 
hard enough. 

Empty seats are evidence of the challenge we all face. 

Marlon Madera 

Tammy Martin 

Tonia Martin 

Mike Maskell 

Scott Matiko 

Shawn Maxwell 

Diana Mcanally 

Fred McCarthy 

Tammie McClain 

Kendall McClung 

Tim McCormick 

Beverly McGuire 

Howard McLeod 

Kimberly McLoughlin 

Sam McNutt 

Steven McPherson 

Marisa McRae 

Keith Michael 

Debra Milano 

Cssandre Milee 


Paul Miller 
Ten Miller 
Mary Mina 
Teresa Miracle 
Janevette Mitchell 

Kermit Mitchell 
Christine Mone 
Janet Moody 
Meshell Moody 
Wade Moody 

April Moore 
Julie Moore 
Lynn Moore 
Douglas Morelen 
Connie Morgan 

Sarah Morris 
Ian Morrison 
James Moyer 
Tom Moyer 
Dawn Mullens 

Cordelia Monden 
Vincent Munden 
Kathy Nance 
Diondra Nash 
Kevin Nash 

Charles Nave 
Penny Nelson 
Joe Niedbala 
Donald Nolette 
Fernando Nunez 


Helpers Save Tlie Day 

Marsha Oberlies 
Elizabeth Oglesby 
Melody Orsangos 
Brian O'Sulhvan ■ 
James Owens * 

Paul Parsons 

Holly Parr 

Rhonda Parker 

David Parker 

David Parker 

Susan Palmer 

Bobbi Page 

Donna Pauett 

Paul Pavlides 

Susan Paxson 

Yvonne Paxson 

Richard Payne 

Scacy Peckham 

Deon Perry 

Jeannie Peterson 

Rodney Phillips 

Tammie Phillips 

Emma Piceno 

Alisha Pickering 

Mel Plirvis 

Waiting for the vi/ounds to 

heal, blood donors enioy a 



As student activities coordinator, 
Mr. Ammons is swarmed with respon- 
sibility. To help him through his busy 
days. Mr. Ammons has several helpers. 
They spend their free bells running 
errands for Mr. Ammons. Without 
them Mr. Ammons could not survive. 

Thad Kimble expresses his joy at Mr. Ammons' latest task for him. 

Susan Poe 
Teens Pollock 
Lei Ann Potter 
Dixie Powell 
Jerry Pratt 

Andrew Privott 
Lea Prough 
Caroline Quevedo 
Renay Rayner 
Jerry Raynor 

Philip Read 
William Reardon 
Rebecca Redmon 
Sharon Reed 
Joe Reynolds 

Delene Rice 
Kim Richards 
Sylvia Richards 
Pat Ricks 
Anne Riddick 




Bicky KwiBtkowsk.'s drawings are off the wa 

Jonathan Riley 

Fred Hinger 

Pamela Roberts 

Lynn Robinson 

Kris Rogers 

PaCCy Rollins 

Sandi Rudd 

Theresa Saunders 

Shan Savage 

Jodi Schuiz 


Art Students Stand Out. 

Wayne Scocc 
Yvonne Sebastian 
Julie Sehn 
Lisa Selig 
Mike Seczer 

Louann Shaffer 
Kenny Shaner 
Michelle Sharrow 
Patty Shear 
Dora Sherman 

Kim Sherrick 
Bennice Shields 
Judi Shields 
Joe Shively 
Danny Simmers 

Clank Simpson 
Marlene Simpsor 
Eileen Snnith 
James Snowden 
Tony Snowden 

Danny Spivey 
Frank Spivey 
Jennifer Springer 
Michele Spruill 
Matt Stairs 

Teresa Stallworth 
Chris Strange 
Tony Staton 
Warren Stevens 
Kelley Stewart 


Lunelle s 

This year's "Might Bite" had a few 
changes from the old menu. Along 
with daily hamburgers and chicken 
sandwiches, the Ho-Ho's, Twinkies, 
and other Hostess goods were more 
popular than the traditional well bal- 
anced meals. The new menu provided 
a better variety and helped increase 
the number of lunch buying students. 

The cafeceria crowd enioys Che days "lunch" special. 

Susan SCocKei 

Kim Stocks 

Chester Stoll 

Shane Straley 

Sherni Stratton 

John Strong 

Robin Swoop 

Maria Tabora 

Mike Taft, 

Cathy Tatem 

Donna Taylor 
Eddie Taylor 
Kitty Taylor 
Tern Taylor 
David Terry 

Anita Theiler 

Deanna Thomas 

John Tilghman 

Michael Tinnes 

Karen Tobola 


Joyce Tohill 
Lloyd Tohill 
Scoct Tolley 
Ricky Tortone 
Latangie Townsend 

Aaron Tucker 
OCCo Turnbull 
Billy Turner 
George Turner 
Debbie Tuure 

Ken Tynee 
Yolando Valeros 
LynneCte Vango 
Donald VanNostnand 
Malia Vega 

Debbie Volger 
Petra Vohs 
Bob Waddington 
Yuonne Wade 
Abby Wall 

Shawn Warren 
Donnie Waterfield 
Robin Waterfield 
Troy Webb 
Jim Webster 

Rebecca Welch 
Dennis Wells 
Denise White 
Mark White 
Valerie Whitfield 


Diana Whitney 

Sherman Wiggins 

Gene Williams 

Gina Williams 

Heidi Williams 

Sonya Williams 

Shenell Williams 

Thaxton Williams 



Denlse Wilson 
Tonya Wilson 
Kachy Womble 
Eric Woodhouse 

Michelle Workman 
Tammy Worlds 
Roy Wonley 
Robert Yancy 
Robert Yacsk.o 


Ms. Morgan is caught off guard while helping a student. 

Brian Adams 

Keith Allen 

Tom Allen 

Debbie Anderson 

James Andreoli 

^ ^ 


Tony Andrews 

Joseph Ariola 

Stan Armstrong 

Stephanie Armstrong 

Mike Arnold 



A. Winniiig ComlDiiiatioii 

Joel Ashe 
BndgeCC Baird 
Lavora BarneB 
Todd Barnes 
Pat Barton 

Kathy Bates 
David Baust 
David Beasley 
Kenny Beasley 
Angi Bell 

Tammy Bells 
Juanita Bennett 
Renee Blanchand 
Susan Blatnik 
Ray Bonney 

Debra Bowman 
Kellie Bowman 
Kevin Boadshaw 
Alan Brassard 
Cara Bnassfield 

Ronique Bneaux 
Robert Breudle 
David Bridges 
Meivey Bridges 
Oliver Brown 

iL % 

Scott Brown 
Mike Brunelle 
Jimmy Bucholz 
Keith Buony 
May Bugtong 



Yearbook Sales Slow But Sure 

Donna Burden 

□uane Bunmga 

Rooer Bumhsm 

Thomas Caffee 

Charlene Callis 

Jeff Cannaday 

Dennis Cannon 

Many Cannon 

Ralph Cannon 

ScQCt Canlcon 

Jeronica Carter 

Aleta Cason 

Ben Cason 

Claudecte Cason 

Vemita Cason 

Jeff Chamberlain 

Mary Chapman 

Andrea Charades 

Terrenes Cherry 

Tim ChrisCian 

Lisa Church\«ell 

Debra Cippoiini 

David Clark 

Jeff Clark 

Laura Clark 

SophonnoroB awaic chetr next 
menial caak 



Oil SMc Od. \L'\{m'\ t -~ ^.^^■ 
^1050 or^lQOO V'ltr 


The 1 9S1 -1 9B2 Challenger went on 
^ jjtjtf'j sale in October. Students \A/ere given 
Zm^i* *' plenty of tinne to purchase a yearbook. 
To many S 1 B. SO was a lot of money and 
even the $ 1 O. DO was a bit much. All of 
us on the Challenger staff know that 
you will think it was S1 B. 50 well spent. 

May Bugtong waves her thanks to her yearbook purchasers. 

Shennie Clarke 
Robert Coaro 
Ssmmi Collins 
Trina Conner 
Sherry Cook 

Brian Cooney 
JoAnn Cope 
Glenn Connejo 
William Cox 
Benita Cram 

Andrew Crenshaw 
Paul Cniggen 
Pat Crowell 
Mark Cnunnb 
Lianna Cnuz 

James Cull 
Mark Culver 
James Daniel 
James Davenport 
Wayne Davenport 


The Agony of tlie Feet 

Tommy Davis 

Wanda Day 

Keith Dee 

Michelle Degner 

Laune DeHart 

Mike Denning 

Danlene Depew 

Dana Denanek 

Micheie DeVinne, 

Kachy Deyo 

Every athelete has aches and 
pajns. Sometimes these pains 
are enough to require the atten- 
tion of a trained professional. 
When these situations come up, 
Doc Haggard is there. From 
sprains to cuts and bruises, he 
makes the aches less painful. 

Ooc. Haggard asks Mary Anne Cannon. "Where does it hurt?" 



Kene Dieter 
Steve Divineki 
Troy Dixon 
Chnstoph Docklewicz 
Gail Dorsch 

Regina Dozier 
Wallace Drake 
Teresa Drandy 
Kyrk Driver 
Charlene Duncan 

Parin Durbin 
Kelly Durrance 
John Ellens 
Kenneth Ethendge 
Richard Ethendge 

Ken Evans 
Kevin Evans 
Tana Fajans 
Tom Felch 
John Fellers 

Debbie Ferguson 
Kathy Filhiol 
Daphne Fleeger 
James Fleming 
Cecil Flora 

Joe Foreman 
Richard Foster 
Tim Foster 
Dawn Freeman 
Tern Freeman 


Happiness Is A Day At Kellam 

Tnacy Freeman 

Pacty Froehler 

John Fnosc 

Dave Fry 

Dorothy Fuel 

Bryan Fuller 

Charles Futrell 

Tarena Gales 

Teresa Gardner 

Rhonda Games 

Troy Gilgert 

Chuck Gill 

Tim Gill 

David Gillispie 

Carleen Glidden 

Eddie Gluckowski 

Donald Godwin 

Michael Goodie 

Amy Gorden 

Jacque Gordon 

Steve Gradine 

Michael Granby 

John Gray 

Robert Gray 

Lori Green 

'^i^^l- A ^ 

Brian Greene 

Meade Greealfi 

Linda Griffin 

Susan Griffin 

Vera Gnffin 


[\> ft c^ 


David Griffith 
Ricky Guadalupe 

Todd Gundlach 
Janet Heard 

Denise Heleva 
Sheryl Helm 
Kathy Henson 
Jody Hewitt 
Karen Higgins 

Linda Hill 
David Hintz 
Delia Hireles 
Jim Hodge 
Susan Hoff 

Linda Hoffman 
William Hoggard 
Terry Hogge 
Bill Holcomb 
CheC Holland 

Greg Holland 
Kim HolloyA/ay 
Sean Holloway 
Scott Hughes 
Debora Humphries 


Stewart Haynes 

David Haynes 

Terry HathaNA/ay 

Jennifer Hathaway 

Cecil Hassell 

Eric Har~tman 

Scott Harsh 

Annette Hams 

Tannmy Harden 

Mike Hanley 

John Halstead 

Lisa Hall 

Tnna Hainston 

Ruth Ingerson 

Donald Inyman 

Joe lono 

Richard Ivey 

PriBCillB Jackson 


Lies Jacobs 
Lynne Jenkins 
^ jm Patrick Jenkins 
■j^j^^ Ricky Jinnenez 
■»• >1* Audrey Johnson 

Deanna Johnson 

Ken Johnson 
Jeffery Jones 
John Jones 
Tracy Jones 

Caria Joyner 

Demetrus Joyner 

Jim Jupena 

Shelley Justice 
Jim Keenan 
Julie Keller 
DaxA/n Kelly 
Scott Kersey 


Bnagec Kiaa 

Sher-yl Klein 

Angelia Knighc 

Danny Kuuhanczk 

Richard <v\/iatJ<owski 


1 ^'^li^ 


Rhonda LaFo^esr 

Jennifer Lamb 

Daniel Lane 

Kurt Langenvi/alcer 

Margie Larkm 

LeCiCia Larry 

Doug Larson 

Chriscine Lashmski 

Chuck Laslo 

Randy Lee 

Rick Lenczewski 

Joaoum Unsangan 

Janice Lictle 

Laurie Livingstone 

Lisa Lloyd 

Walker Lodsdon 

Anica Lonesome 

Beth Ludvik 

Sylvia Lynch 

Laurie Mace 

Mary Malbon 

Karen Maiette 

Eric Maier 

Denice Msndras 

John Marchione 

Richard Mareh 

Michelle Martin 

Thaddeus Mason 

Lisa Matte\«s 

Craig Mayo 


Teresa McClellen 
David McGrew 
Kathy Mclntyre 
Cindy McKinney 
Melisaa McPherson 

Joesph McRae 
Kachleen McSally 
Rusty Meeker 
Robert Merkel 
Arlene Michael 

Chris Miller 
Terry Miller 
Victor Miller 
Andy Mine 
Art Monson 

ChaUenging Courses 

There are several classes at 
Kellam that are difficult. These 
classes are designed to chal- 
lenge the students, but some- 
times they just confuse them. 
Calculus, Physics, and the su- 
perior English classes are exam- 
ples of these classes. While con- 
quering new horizons of know- 
ledge, these challenged stu- 
dents learn mione than their 

Sherry Martin doesn't know v\/hat Che teacher's talking about. 


Wicks' Wonders 

Did you ever wonder who cleans up 
the cafeteria after lunch? Well, there 
are — Mr. Wicks' helpers. They push 
in chairs, straighten up tables, and 
pick up occasional pieces of paper on 
the floor. They work for no pay, and 
without them our lunchroom xA/ould 
not be the same. 

On trashcan. Ken Deiter, Billy Hol- 
come, Thaddus Mason, Mark White, 
and Tony Krug. On the ground. Art 
Munson, Dora Sherman, William Hog- 
gard, Kirby Malbon, and Lee Ann 

Mr. Wick's helpers have a garbage dump gathering. 

Mike Moranha 

Diane Morgan 

Erik Moore 

Judy Morns 

Many Beth Morns 

Annette Morrison 

Donny Morse 

Valeri Muegge 

Stephen Mueller 

Shiela Mullen 

Caroline Mullens 

Lisa Murden 

Mike Murphy 

Mike Murray 

George Myers 

Donald Nation 
Dawn Nation 

Paul Nicholson 
Donna Neveu 
William Nosay 



Vonnie Olson 
Chris O'Neal 
Jamie OrlowskI 
Kerry Osmer 
Wendy Pacheco 

Teresa Pait 
Krissy Patterson 
Randy Patterson 
Marie Partridge 
Joseph Pearson 

Heether Pendleton 
Edith Pereux 
Ronnie Perez 
Susan Perkins 
Curtis Perry 

Lori Peterson 
Melanie Petorvich 
Dora Petty 
Stacey Pittman 
Karen Piatt 

Brian Plumak 
Barbara Poole 
Joe Portafe 
Kim Portlock 
Debby Potts 

Patricia Queenan 
Corinne Quevedo 
Gerry Quick 
Chris Ramsey 
Holly Reitz 


Shelley Rhoads 

Bnan Rice 

Don Richards 

Angelia Riddick 

Melody Riddick 

Tanya Robencs 

Williann Roberts 

Lena Robison 

Darren Roney 

Michael Rose 

Sylvia Rose 

Renee Roy 

Reginald Saunders 

Nelson Sanderlin 

Mike SavAfyer 

Norman Schaeffler 

Barbara Schaarschmidc 

Greg Scheer 


Larry Schexneider 
Kim Schneider 
Mark Seifert 
Teresa Semones 
David SesBler 

Robert Shailis 
Larry Shaner 
Reda Shaw 
Tracy Shaw 
Darlene Sherman 

Barbara Sherreli 

Chris Sherrick 

Kathy Shore 

Susan Shubeck 
Scott Siebenaler 
Darlene Sizemore 
Adnenne Skinner 
Mark Smith 


Lennie Snyder 

Tinn Sondenson 

Chris Spaltro 

Monique Sparrow 

Glenda Spence 

Kir-n Spence 

Vernell Spence 

Wanda Spracley 

Lisa Spruill 

Michelle Stankus 

Rodney Steed 

Fred Scemple 

Anthony Stevenson 

Zena Stith 

Robert StoM 

Rick Stout 

Jeff Strange 

David Stratton 

Sonya Sullivan 

Linda Sutton 

Sean Swaneboro 

Jeniphre Swansboro 

Angelia Szekely 

George Tabora 

Francine Taylor 


N.H.S. Promotes Student Of 

Tlie Month 

Glenn Taylor 
Shelley Taylor 
Tim Taylor 
John Tiney 
CryaCal Thonnas 

Michael Thomas 
Jackie Tucker 
Harry Turnbull 
Linda Turner 
Todd Tourbin 

The National Honor Society 
honors one student each month 
as Citizen of the Month. These 
students are chosen based on 
involvement in extracirriculan 
activities and scholarship. Being 
chosen Citizen of the Month is a 
great honor for the students of 
Kellam High School. 

Lisa Williams 

Citizen of the Month. 


Scocc Vance 

Michele VanMoppes 

Nancy VanNoscnand 

James Vergonio 

Leigh Vest 

Trent Vick 

Jim Videll 

Robert Wadsworth 

Arlando Walker 

Henry Wall J 

Maria Walsh 

Michelle Walters 

Kevin Warren 

Melissa Warren 

Theresa Waterhouse 

Tamimiy Watson 

Cheryl Weaver 

Roland Welch 

Frank White 

Helena Whitfield 

f\ f^ 

\ ^ 


Dawn Kyk 


Regina Whicehurst 
Tim Wilkinson 
Donna Williams 
Sharon Williams 
Terrie Williams 

Tina Williams 
Wendy Williamis 
Vann Willianns 
David Wilson 
Mariana Wilson 

Paul Winston 
John Witkowski 
Cheryl Wood 
Cheryl Wood 
Margaret Wood 

Gloria Woodhouse 
Cathy Wolak 
Frank Woolston 
Christina Wright 
Chris Yeatman 



Charles Moore 




The day was cold and danriD 
and the sky looked ferocious, 
but the snow had already fal- 
len. The snow posed problems 
of transportation for many of 
the students and faculty of 
Kellam. The halls were empty, 
the microscopic classes be- 
gan with as fevA/ as three peo- 
ple in every room. Eventually 
students would straggle in, 
but the students were few and 
far betweenn and for most 
people January 25th was a 
day to try to forget. 

Bobby Hughes prepares to make the snow a little more exciting. 




10. 1 1 , 12. 

VERA AKERS. FHA, 1 O. 1 2: 

FBLA 1 O, 1 1 . 


Club 1 O; Tnnty-Tri-Hi-Y ID; 

Junior Senate: Keyectes 11.12; 

Drill Team 1 1 (Best Flag), 12(Co- 

Captain); Science Fair 1 C3rd 


KEVIN ALLEN General Activi- 

JEFF ARNOLD. General Activi- 

Spanish Club 11.12; Senior 
Senate; Junior Civitan. 
DOROTHY BACH. General Acti- 

MARY LOU BAKER. French Club 
10. 11 (Vice Prea.); FBLA 11 
(Treas. ). 

DIONE BALF. Library Club 1 1 
fPres ). 1 2. German Club 11.12 
(Sec ). SCA 

al Activities 


JILL BEAVERS Keyettes 1 O, 1 1 ; 

Sophomore Senate: Junior Senate; 


SHIRLEY BELCH General Activities. 

KEN BILLINGSLEY. General Activi- 



Senate; Junior Senate; Senior Senat- 

e: Junior Civitan 11.12; Concert 

Chorus; Regional Chorus; Madrigals 

11,12; City Wide SCA 1 1 (Sec. ). 1 2 

(Pnes. ); ODU Leadership Conference 

11.12, Mational Honor Society 1 2; 

Va. Beach Leadership Workshop 

1 O. 1 1 . Girs State. 

BRIAN BOLTON. Baseball 1 1 . 1 2; Jr. 

Civitan 1 2; Science Fair (1 Q). 

CHRIS BONNEY. German Club 

10,11 CTress.), 12; Band 12. 



JIM BOWEN. General Activities. 

1 O, 1 1 , 1 2; Wrestling 1 O, 1 1 , 1 2. 
GARY BRADFORD. General Activi- 

MERLE BRADY. General Activities. 
Chorus 11.12. 

10; Drill Team 1 Q, 1 2 CCo-CapCain]; 
Softball Team 1 1 ; Homecoming 
Attendant 1 O. 1 1 , 1 2 CQueen); Keyet- 
tes 12; DECA 12. 
KEITH BRINN. General Activities. 
DEBBIE BRYANT. General Activities. 
TERESA BROOKS. General Activi- 

MARIE BUNT. General Activities. 

KEITH BURNS. Challenger Staff 1 2; 

Senior Senate; VICA 1 2. 

ROBERT BURRAGE. Band 1 O, 1 1 ; 

Library Ass't 1 2. 

SHEREE CABILDO Guidance Helper 



1 O. 1 1 . 1 2 CCo-Capc. ); Soccer 1 Q, 1 1 ; 
Monogram Club 1 O. 1 1.12 CPub. 
Chairnnan); Sopriomore Senate; 
Junior Senace; Senior Senate; SCA 
1 2; Honor Society 11.12. 
TERRY CANNON General Activities. 
10. 11.12 CVice Pres.); French Club 

ROBIN CAPPS Band 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; 
National Honor Society 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2; 
Keyettes 11,12 (Pres.); District 
Keyettes 1 2; International Keyettes 
12; ICC 12; Senior Senace CTreas. ); 
SCA; Senior Regionals 1 1 ; Most Im- 
proved Sophomore (Band); French II 
Student of the year; Solo Ensemble 
(superior ra&ng] 1 G; Most Outstand- 
ing Jr. (Band) 1 1 ; Who's Who In Music 
1 1 ; NTCE Writing Contest 1 1 ; Solo 
Ensemble (Excellent Hating) 1 1 . 


SANDRA CARR. Drama Club 1 2; 
Knights of Fellowship 1 2. 
1 O. 1 1 (Trees. ). 1 2 CTreas. ); FHA 1 1 ; 
Leadership Workshop 1 1 ; DECA 1 2; 
Challenger Staff 1 1 . 
DANA CASON. Pep Club 1 0: Field 
Hockey 11.12; Softball 11.12; Track 
11; Jr. -Sr. Basketball Game 11.12; 
Monogram Club 1 2. 

SALLY CASON. General Activities. 

CECIL R. CHAPMAN. Golf 1 0. 11 
(MVP). 12; Sophomore. Jr.. Senior 
Senate; SCA 1 1 ; Key Club 1 2. 


DARLA CLIFT General Activities. 
DAWN CLOUSE. General Activities. 

JOHN COCHRAN. Wreetling ID; 
German Club 1 0. (Rep. Hist.) 11. 
Pres 1 2. SCA 1 1 ; ICC 1 2. 
BRIAN COHEN. General Activities. 

DECA ID (Rep. -Hist) 11; Jr. 
Achievement 1 1. (company Pres.) 
1 2; Senior Senate; Dale Carnegie 
Scholarship 1 1 . Human Relations 
(2nd Place) District DECA Competi- 
tive Events. 

TIMOTHY CONNER. General Acti- 


JUDITY "CAY" COOK. Library Club 
CPres. ) 1 1 : Spanish Club 1 O; Track 
Team 1 O; SCA 1 1 ; FBL^ 1 1 ; Senior 
Senate; Junior Civitan 1 S. 

MIKE COSTA. General Activitiea. 
DEBBIE CRAIG. French Club 1 O; Ten- 
nis Team 11,12; Monogram Club 
11,12; DECA 11,12; Junior Civitan 
1 1 ; Junior Senate; Senior Senate; 
SCA 12; Cheerleading 12; ICC 12. 

TONY CRAMER. General Activities. 
JEFF CUNDIFF. General Activities. 
1 O, 1 1 . 1 2; Swim Team 1 O; SCA 1 G; 
FBLA 1 O; Junior Civitan 1 O; Citizen of 
Month ID; Leadership Award 1 0; 
Play Festival 1 1 . 

PATRICK D'AMICO. Cross Country 
11,12; VICA 12. 


1Q; FBU^. 

CELESTE DAVIS. Track 1 Q; Sopho- 
more Senate; Junior Senate. 
KIM DAVIS. General Activities. 
BELINDA DEPEW. General Activities. 
BEN DOBRINSKY. General Activi- 




ERICKA DORAN. Band 1 0. 11, 



10. 11.12; Football 11.12; 

Monogram Club 11.12; Student 

Curriculum Activities 




1 O; Mixed Chorus 1 O; VICA 1 2; 
Regional Chorus 1 G: VICA Dis- 
trict Leader Award 1 2. 
General Activities 

More Than Meets 
Tlie Eye 

The library is a source of re- 
ference and enjoyment for the I 
students of Kellann High 
School. Here students can 
find a quiet place to nead and 
work. Books are not the only 
thing students will find to do in 
the library. There are many 
films, records, and magazines 
to aid the student in studying. 

Kellam's library can be a great place to jusL i-elax. 

JOEY EDWARDS. General Acti- 

RAY EDWARDS. General Activi- 

BRENDA ELLER. Spanish Club. 
DECA 11.12 


1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Indoor Track 1 O. 1 2; 
CheeHeading 1 1 ; HERO 1 2. 




LESLIE ETHRIDGE. General Accivi- 



Senate; German Club 1 O; Junior 

Senate; SCA 11.12; Senior Senate; 

Junior Civitan 12; 4-H Club 10 (Vice 

Pres. ). 1 1 (Pres. ); Honorary Member 

of 4-H. 


11,12; Library Club 1 2; Monogram 

Club 12. 

BRENDA FANTIN. General Activities. 

1G. 1 1,12; Soccer 12. 
11.12; COE 1 2. 

BUTCH FLYNN. General Activities. 
MIKE FOY. General Activities. 
1 O, 1 1 ; Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 1 D; Jr. Senat- 
e; Knights of Fellowship. 

Drill Team 12; FFA tVice Pres.) 12. 
DAMON FRAZIER. General Activi- 

DANA FRENCH. Jr. Senate; Young 
Life 1 1 ; SCA 1 2; City Science Fair 
JEFF FROMAN. General Activities. 

TANYA GAYLES. General Activities. 

1 D; Drill Team 1 2; SCA 1 O. 


WIU-IAM GOLDING. General Activi- 

ID. 1 1 , 12. 

1 1 ; FHA 1 2. 

Senate. Senior Senate; SCA 1 O: 
Basketball 10. 11.12; Chorus 
ID. 11; Spanish Club 1 O. 1 1 . FBL^ 
1 1 ; Track 11.12; Monogram Club 
12; Jr. Civitan; ICC 11; NHS Lead- 
ership Workshop 1 2; Regional Chor- 
us 1 O. 1 1 ; Nat'l Achievement Scho- 
larship Program for Outstanding 
Negro Students CSemifinalist3. 

CORA GRANBY. Drams 1 1 ; Chorus 
1 1 ; SCA 1 1 ; DECA 1 2; Senior 

DORA GRANBY Band 10,11.12; 
"Grease" 1 G; Chorus 11.12; "Carniv- 
al" 1 2; ICC 1 2; French 1 ; Student of 
the Year 1 O. 

CARLOS GRAY. General Activities. 
RICK GRAYBEAL. General Activities. 


1 2' SCA 1 1 

RONALD GREENE. Young Life 1 1 ; 

Roundtable (Editor and Chief] 1 2; Jr. 

Civitan 1 2. 

VERA GRIFFIN. General Activities. 

VICKIE GRIFFITH Band 10,11.12; 

Spanish Club 1 O; Keyettes CTreas. ) 

1 2; SCA 1 2; Senior Senate; Most 

Outstanding Jr. in Band. 

DONALD GRIGOLITE. General Activi- 

RICHARD GUINTER. General Activi- 

LARRY GUY. General Activities. 
ROBERT HATLE Y. General Activities. 

LEILA HALEY. General Activities. 
CATHERINE HALL. General Activi- 

MARY HALL. German Club 1 O. 1 1 ; 
Drama Club 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2. 
MIKE HALL. General Activities. 






10. 1 1 . 12. 

CINDY HANLEY. General Accivitiee. 

EDWARD HARRIS. General Activi- 



1 O. 1 1 , 1 2; Spanish Club 1 O, 1 1 . 1 2; 

FBLA 11,12; NaCional Honor Sociec- 

y; Junior Senace; Senior Senace 


CYNTHIA HAVENS. Rifle Team 1 0: 

Precision Drill Team 1 O; Keyettes 1 1 ; 

Junior Senate: SCA 1 2; Senior 

Senate; FHA CVice Pres.]. 


1 O, 1 1 . 1 2; Band 1 O, 1 1 , 1 2. 

PEGGY HAYNES. General Activities. 
rary Club 1 1 . 

1 O, 1 1 . 1 2; Spanish Club 1 D; Football 
1 1. 
WILLIAM HENRY. General Activities. 

Lots of Pork . . . 

As the classes biggest 
hams, Chris and Robin spend 
much of their time in the spot- 
light. And they love it. They 
thrive on the attention and 
they'll do anything for more. 
They bring life and laughter 
into the lives of all those they 
meet as they hami it up. 

Biggest Hamis: Chris Bonney 
and Robin Richards. 

GINA HlGHTSHQE. General AcCivi- 

STANLEY HILL. Indoor Track 1 O. 1 1 : 
Outdoor Track 10; Football 
1 O. 1 1 . 1 2 CCaptain]; Monogram Club 
11.12: 2nd place m Science Fair 1 O. 
1 St place in Science Fair 1 1 ; Boy's 

BILLY HODGES. General Activities. 
MICHELLE HOGAN Trinity 1 O; Soph- 
omore Senate: Junior Senate CSecre- 
tary]; ICC 1 1 : FHA (Outstanding 
Member) 1 1 : Junior Civitan 1 2: 
Knights of Fellowship 1 2: Senior 
Senate: SCA 12. 

MARK HOGGE. General Activities. 

PAULA HOLT. General Activities. 

Dressed To 

We all know that clothes 
aren't everything. To some 
people clothes aren't any- 
thing. But to Craig and Sherri 
clothes are a reflection of 
taste and character. Dress- 
ing for school is the result of 
hours of careful deliberation. 
Colors, textures, and styles 
must be correctly mixed to 
create the correct result. For 
these two the result is quite 

Craig Carroll and Sherri Kirby 
are well dressed seniors. 


ROBERT HUGHES. General Activi- 

ISAIAH HOLLEY. General Activities. 
DONNA JACKSON. General Activi- 

BRANDON JENKINS. Track 1 O. 1 1 ; 
Football 1 1 . 

CHARLES JOHN. General Activities. 
JAMES JOHNSON. General Activi- 




KAREN JONES. Knights of Fel- 
lowship 1 2. 

LISA JONES. Track 1 0; FBLA 10 
(Parlimentarian), 1 1 (Par.); FHA 
CPres.); Chorus 12. 
MARTY JONES. General Activities. 
LA VERNE JOYNER. Girls Track Man- 
ager 10; VICA 12. 

JEANNE JULIAN. General AcCivitiee. 


JUSTICE. General Activi- 

CHERYL KEENAN. Latin Club 1 0; 
Madrigals 10,11.12; NHS 
10,11,12: Sophomore Senate 
CPres.]; Junior Senate CPres.); Senior 
Senate CPres. ); SCA Executive Board 
1 2; ICC 1 2; Ledger Star Scholastic 
Team; Representative at Hugh 
O'Brien Youth Foundation 1 O; Re- 
gional Chorus; Governors School 1 1 ; 
Honors Choir. 

JULIE KELLAM. Field Hockey ID 
Soccer 10,11,12; Tennis 11,12 
Monogram Club 11,12 CVice Pres.) 
Sophomore Senate CVice Pres. J 
Junior Senate; Senior Senate: SCA 
1 2; ICC 11,12: Evaluating Commit- 
tee 1 O: MVP Tennis 1 O, 1 2. 
OAVID KELLEY. General Activities. 
JAMES KELLY. OE 1 O: Basketball 
11,12; Football 1 2; Lettered Basket- 
ball 1 1 : Lettered Football 1 2. 

MICHAEL KELLY. Basketball 1 O; 

Baseball 11,12; Youth's for Naziism 

CVice Pres.l. 

SUZANNE KING. Drill Team 11.12; 

Junior Senate; Senior Senate; SCA 

1 2; Young Life. 

DIANE KINNE. Soccer 1 O, 1 1 . 1 2. 

ROSEANN KINNE. Track 1 O, 1 1 . 


SHERRI L. KIRBY. Concert Chorus 
1 O; Sophomore Senate; FBLA 
1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; SCA 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; FHA 1 1 ; 
Junior Senate; Senior Senate. 
GARY KLEIN General Activities. 
Track 1 O. 1 1 ; Outdoor Track 1 G. 1 2; 

Team 1 2. 


1 Q. 1 2; SCA 1 O. 1 2; Literary Art Club 

ALISA KRAEMER. Field Hockey 1G 
(Manager); Clinic Aid 1 1 ; SCA (Rep. ) 
1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Trinity 1 O (Secretary); 
FHA 1G (Vice Pres). 1 KPres); FHA 
City Wide 1 O (Reporter). 1 1 (Repre- 
sentative); Junior Civitan 1 2; DECA 

Football 11.12; Monogram Club 
11.12; Young Life 1 1 . Senior Senat- 
e' SCA 1 2. 
DIANE KWASNY. General Activities. 

KELLY KYKER. General Activities. 
CAROL L^BAHN, General Activities. 
STEVEN LASLO. Young Life 1 1 : 

MILDRED LAWLIS. General Activi- 


Quietly, they go throughout 
life. They laugh, sit, smile, lis- 
ten and answer questions 
when asked, but will only ask 
for thennselves in emergen- 
cies. Now be quiet and let 
them think. 

Cheryl Keenan and Todd Boney are in their haturally quite habitat. 


ROCHELLE LEGAT. Generel Acuvi- 

ANDREW LEWIS. Muaical "Grease" 
1 O; Musical "Carnival" 1 1 : Mixed 
Chorus 1 1 : Drama Club 1 1 : Regional 
Chorus 11,12; Madrigals 1 2. 
JANINE LOWERY. Gymnastice 
1 Q. 1 1 (Captain); Junior Civitan 
1 O, 1 1 (Vice Pres. ), 1 2 (Pres. ); Soph- 
omore Senate (Sgt, at Arms); Junior 
Senate (Vice Pres. ); Senior Senate 
( 1 St Vice Pres. ); National Honor Soci- 
ety 11,12; ICC 1 1 (Secretary/Trea- 
sure), 1 2 (Secretary); Monogram 
Club 11,12; Track 1 G; Indoor Track 
1 1 ; Mayor's Youth Council 1 G. 1 1 ; 
SCA 1 2; Girl's State 1 1 ; Va. Beach 
Leadership Workshop 1 O. 1 1 , 1 2; 
Lettered in; Gymnastics 1 0, Track 
1 O, Indoor Track 1 1 , Outdoor Track 
1 1 (MVP). Gymnastics 1 1 (MVP); 
Citizen of the Month (Nov, ). 
ALISA LUDWICK. Generel Activities. 

LAURA LYON. General Activities. 
KIRBY MALBONE. Gymnastics 
10,11,12; Young Life 10,11; 4-H 
Steer Club 1 O; Monogram Club 
10,11,12; Senior Senate; Junior 
Senate; Sophomore Senate. 
10, 1 1. 

Cheerleading 1 1 ; FBLA 1 1 ; HOSA 

BRIAN MAXWELL. General Activi- 

KATHY MAYS. Concert Chorus 
1 O, 1 1 , 1 2; "Knights on Broadway"; 
Drill Team 11,12; DECA 1 2. 
LISA McGREW. General Activities. 
JOSEPH MclNTIRE. General Activi- 

Senate; Junior Senate; Senior Senat- 
e; Girls' Basketball 1 O, 1 1 . 1 2; Girls' 
Softball 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Concert Chorus 
1 O; French Club 1 O, 1 1 ; Monogram 
Club 11.12; Madrigals 11,12; Junior 
Civitans 1 2; National Honor Society 
Leadership Workshop 1 2; Lettered 
in: Softball 1 O, 1 1 ; Basketball 1 1 . 
JODY ADAMS. General Activities. 
SHEIU^ MIDGETT, General Activities. 

1 1 (Vice Pres.), 12 (Vice Pres.); 3rd 
place in Plumbing Contest. 
TAMARA MILLER. General Activities. 
TAMMY MILLER. Soccer 1 O. 1 1 , 1 2; 
Monogram Club 11.12; Sophomore 
Senate; Junior Senate. 


SHERYLMONE. Sophomore Senate 
Junior Senace; Young Life 1 O, 1 1 
Field Hockey 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2 (Captain] 
Soccer 1 O. 1 1 CCapcain): SCA 11.12 
CRepor^cer/HiscorianJ; Monogram 
Club 11.12: Roundcable 1 2; Society 
of Distinguished American High 
School Students Award. 
ball 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Drill Team 1 1 ; FHA 
1 1 ; HOSA (Pnes.J. 

Senate; Junior Senate: Drill Teann 
11.12. Keyettes: National Honor 
Society Leadership Workshop. 
1 O. 1 1 . 1 2 CCaptain); Sophomore 
Senate (Treasure); Junior Senate 
(Treasure); National Honor Society 
Leadership Workshop 1 O. 1 2; Keyet- 
tes 1 2; ICC 1 2; Outstanding German 
Student of the Year 1 1 . 

JAMES MORGAN. Junior Civitan 12. 
1 O, 1 1 . 1 2: Monogram Club 1 1 ; 
Spanish Club 1 1 . 

RANDY MOYER. General Activities. 
CINDY MULLINS. Gymnastics (let- 
tered) 1 O: FHA 1 O; DECA 1 1 ; VICA 

SANDY MURABITO. Girls Track 1 O; 
Drill Team 11,12; COE 1 2. 

KATHLEEN MURPHY. General Activi- 


RICK NICHOLS. DECA 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. 
DENNIS NOBLE. General Activities. 
JENNIFER NYREEN. General Activi- 

DAWN OLIVER German Club 10 
(Secretary). 1 1 (President), 1 2 (Vice 
Pree, ); ICC 1 G, 1 1 , 1 2; Junior Civitan 
1 O, Junior Senate; FHA 1 1 : National 
Honor Society 11,12; Guidance Aide. 
Club 10, 11. Flag Football 1 O. 1 1 
(Award and [Diploma for Beet Offen- 
sive Player); Spaniah Club 1 2. 
ROBERT PALMER Wreetling 11; 
Junior Senate; Young Life 1 1 ; 
Knights of Fellowship 1 2. 


HARRY PARKS General Accivities, 
ROXANNE PAULEY. General Activi- 

1 O. 1 1,18; French Club 1 O; Library 
Club 1 O: DECA 1 1 . 




After a not so success- 
ful sophomore yean, the 
class of 1 9B2 worked 
diligently to raise enough 
money for a Ring Dance. 
The dance, which was at 
the Commodore Country 
Club, was a great reward 
for those who worked so 
hard all year. It just goes 
to shoNA/ that hard work 
does pay off! 

Beth Ludvik and Tony Neydon seem to be having a great time at the Ring Dance. 

DEBBIE F. PERRY. National Honor 
Society 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Sophomore 
Senate; Junior Senate; Senior Senat- 
e; Junior Civitan 11.12; Soccer (let- 
tered]; Field Hockey 11.12 (lettered); 
Monogram Club 11.12; Va. Beach 
Leadership Workshop 1 2. 
JENNIFER PERRY. Band 1 G. 1 1 , 1 2; 
Track 1 O; FBLA 1 O; FHA 1 1 ; DECA 
1 1 ; Clinic Aide 1 1 ; Keyettes 11.12. 
DARLENE PETERS. General Activi- 

SCOTT PETERSON. General Activi- 

PHYLLIS PHILLIPS. General Activi- 

1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; SCA 1 O. 1 1 (Award). 1 2; 
FHA 1 G. 1 1 (Pres.); Pep Club 1 O, 1 1 ; 
Mixed Chorus 1 G; Concert Chorus 
11.12; Sophomore Senate; Junior 
Senate; Senior Senate. 
1 G. 1 1 . 1 2; Wrestling 1 G (Manager), 
1 1 (Scorekeeper), 1 2 CScorekeeper). 
1G.11; Track ID: Key Club 
1G. 11,12; SCA 10. 12 (Sgt. at 
Arms); Sophomore Senate; Junior 
Senate; Latin Club 1G; Band 
1 O, 1 1 , 1 2; Math Club 1 O. 



1 2; Junior Senace. 

TRACY POLLOCK. Soccer 1 O. 1 1 ; 

Monogram Club 11.12: Guidance 

Aide 1 1 . 

FAITH RANKIN. General Activities. 


1 O. 1 1.12; Field Hockey 11.12; 

Monogram Club 11.12; Roundcable 

1 2; DECA 1 2. SCA 1 1 . 

tics 1 G. 1 1 ; Field Hockey 11.12; SCA 
11.12; Monogram Club 11.12; 
Cheerleading 1 2. 

KAREN RIDDICK. General Activities. 
MELVIN RIDLEY. General Activities. 

11.12; FHA 1 1 . 

GAYLE ROSS. Guidance Aide 1 1 ; 
Junior Civitan 11.12; CL^SP 11.12; 
French Club 1 1 . 

CARMEN SANTIAGO. General Activi- 

MELISSA SCHIEBL. General Activi- 

TOMMY SCHIYVER. General Activi- 

LISA SCHMALE. Soccer 1 0. 1 1 , 1 2; 
Tennis 11.12; Sophomore Senate; 
Junior Senate; Senior Senate. 
(lettered). 1 1 ; Monogram Club 1 1 ; 
HOSA (Vice Prea. ). 

SUSAN SCOTT. DECA 1 O. 1 1 , 1 2; 
FHA 1 1 , 

KAREN SEHN Sophomore Senate; 
Keyettes 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Drill Team 
1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; German Club 1 G; Mana- 
ger Boya Track 1 O, 



The officers of the Senior 
class, Cheryl Keenan CPnesi- 
dentD, Janine Loweny C1 st Vice 
President}, Wanda Cherry C2nd 
Vice President], and Robin 
Capps CTreasunerD, lead their 
class into a future of uncertain- 
ty. This year's graduating class 
is faced with more than the 
usual career and college prob- 
lems. Inflation has made it 
necessary for students to work 
right after school and to let col- 
lege wait. Carrying the hard 
work and determination they 
have sho\A/n in high school with 
them into adulthood, the Class 
of 1 982 should have no prob- 
lems handling the future. 

The Senior class officers are a 
hard working team. 

[Secnecary] 11,12 (Vice Pres. S 

Hi-Y CReporter/Hlstonan) 1 0; Junior 
Senate; Junior CivJtan 1 2; Senior 
Senate: Knights of FelloxA/ship. 
1 O, 1 1 , 1 2; Field Hockey 1 O. 1 1 ; SCA 
1 O; Sophomore Senate (Secretary); 
Junior Civitan 1 1 ; Junior Senate; 
National Honor Society 11,12 
(Treasure); Monogram Club 11.12 
(Treasure); Citizen of the Month 1 1 . 

CINDY SINGLEY. General Activities. 
TRACY SKELLY. General Activities. 
AUGUSTINE SMITH. General Activi- 

12; SCA 12. 

ROBERT SNOCK. Drama 1 0: Base- 
ball Manager (lettered). 
SAEED SOOUDI. Soccer 11,12. 
BRENDA SPENCE. Cheerleading 1 1 ; 
FHA 1 2. 





LAURIE STANCE. General Activities. 

CHRIS ST ANKUS. General Activities. 

CHRIS STANLEY General Activities. 

MICHAEL STEWART. General Activi- 

WENDY STITZ. Library Club 1 2: FHA 
1 2 (Secretary). 


1 O, 1 1 . 1 2; Literary Art Club 1 1 ; Re- 
gional Chorus 1 Q. 1 1 . 1 2; SCA 1 1 ; 
OECA 12: Junior Civitan 12; Drill 
Team 1 2: Senior Senate; A\«ards: 
Regional Chorus 1 G, 1 1.12; Art 1 O; 
AM State Music. 

LOIS SWEET. General Activities. 
LORI TAFT. General Activities. 
LISA TAYLOR. Trinity-Tri-Hi-Y 1 0; 
German Club 1 Q. 1 1 ; Junior Civitan 
11.12; National Honor Society 
1 O. 1 1 . 1 2 (Vice Pres. ); Junior Senat- 
e; Senior Senate; SCA 1 1 ; ICC 1 2; 
Ledger Star Scholastic Achievement 
Team 1 G. 1 2; DAR Award 11; 1 st 
place Science Fair 1 1 . 
1 G. 1 2; VICA 11.12. 

Wind Ensemble 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Band 
10. 11.12; Keyettes 12; Senior 
Senate; Regional Band; Who's Who in 
American High School Music 
1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Most Improved Junior. 
Club 12. 

DAWN TOBIN. Trinity 1 O; VICA 

EDGAR TOROC. Soccer 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; 
Honor Society 11.12: DAR Eeaay 
Contest Winner 1 1 : Who's Who 
Among High School Students. 


10. 1 1. 12. 


WILLIAM TURNER. General Activi- 


STANLEY TWIFORD. General Activi- 

Football 11.12. 


JAMES VEST. Band 1 O. 1 1 , 1 2; SCA 
1 O. 1 1 . 1 2: Wreatling Team 11,12; 
Key Club 1 1 . 


12; SCA 12 

KENT WADE. Basketball 1 O, 1 1 . 1 2. 


10; DECA 11.12. 

DONNA WALL. FHA 1 O; Trinity CVice 

Pres.) 10; HERO (Reporter) 11.12 


RHONDA WALL. Clinic Aide 1 1 ; 
French Club 11.12 (Reporter); FHA 
1 2; VHSL 1 2; Va. Beach Leadership 
Workshop; Challenger Staff. 
1 Q, 1 1 . 1 2; Sophomore Senate; 
DECA 1 O, 1 1 (Secretary); Junior 
Senate; Senior Senate; Monogram 
Club 11.12 (Pres. ); SCA 11.12; ICC 
1 2; Citizen of the Month 1 2; Student 
Advisory Group for Curriculum 

KIM WARREN. General Activities. 
MARY LYNN WARREN. General Acti- 

Species . . . 

Spirit is not one of the most 
abundant resources we have. 
The number of students who 
showed the kind of spirit Gil 
and Sheryl did is minimal. For 
having the courage and caring 
enough to stand up and cheer, 
Gil and Sheryl, we thank you. 

Gil Cornejo and Sheryl Mone: 
Most Spirited. 

i^ll r'te 

RUTH "Dave" WARREN. Challenger 
Staff 1 a. 1 1 CAss. Editor). 1 2 CEdi- 
Cor); Sophomore Senate: Junior 
Senate; Senior Senate; Drama 
10. 11.12; French Club 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2 
CPres); Latin Club 11; Cotillion 
1 O. 1 1 ; Band 1 O. 1 1 ; 50's Review 1 O; 
Gifted Club 1 0; Kellam Leadership 
Workshop 1 O, 1 2; VHSL Yearbook 
Seminar 1 2; ICC 11.12; Murder Well 
Rehersed 1 1 ; Community Ambassa- 
dor 1 2 CVice Pres. ); Va. Beach Drama 
Workshop 1 O, 1 1 ; One Act Play Fes- 
tival 10; NSF/URI Summer 
Oceanography Program 1 O; City Sci- 
ence Fair 1 O. 1 1 ; The Bay Explore it 
1 O; Science Fair 1 O; School Science 
Fair [1 st) 1 1 ; City Science Fair (1 st) 
VJAS 1 1 ; Tidewater Science Fair 
CHM) 1 1 ; NSF/OMIS Summer 
Archaeology Team 1 2. 
10. 1 1; COE 11.12. 
Junior Civitan 1 O; FBU^ 1 1 ; COE 1 2; 
Junior Senate; Senior Senate. 
DAVID WELLS. General Activities. 


General Activi- 




General Activi- 

RANDY WHITE. General Activities. 
KELLY WILLIAMS. General Activities. 
SCA 12. DECA 12. 


To The 

Working hard and asking lit- 
tle or nothing in return, Tony 
and Dav# have proven that 
they are truly unsung heroes. 
Conning to the rescue \A/henev- 
er you need them, without the 
slightest complaint, they are 
the Lone Rangers of the 
senior class. A thousand 
thank-yous could not cover all 
the \A/ork they have done. 

Unsung Heroes Dave Warren 
and Tony Krug. 

Vb. Beach Leaderahip Workshop 1 1 ; 
SCA 1 2; Junior Civiton 1 2; Senior 
Senate: Knighta of Fellowahip 1 2; 
Citizen of the Month 1 2; Homocom- 
ing Court 1 2 

MARION WILLIAMS. General Activi- 

Monogram Club 1 O. 1 1 (Secretary). 
1 2 tWays & Means Officer); SCA 
10.11,12; Field Hockey 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2 
(co-Captain); Junior Senate: Senior 
Senate; Sophomore Senate. Homie- 
coming Attendant 1 O. 1 1 , 1 2; Va. 
Girls State 1 1 ; Va. Beech Neptune 
Festival Princess 1 2. 
LISA WILLIAMSON. General Activi- 

Literary Art Club 11,12: VICA 1 2. 


Softball 12; Challenger Cover 1 SB1 
Si 1 9B2: Keep Virginia Green Poster 
Contest (1st place) 11; Kellam Art 
Show 3rd place. " 

STEVEN WINSTEAD. General Activi- 

JOANN WITKOWSKI. General Activi- 

CHARLES WOOD. General Activities. 
ERIC YODER. General Activities. 



Best All-around < 
Stephanie Williams and Jimr^y DriscoH 

Best Looking 
Joe Pisciotca. 

Biggest Flirt 
David Flanagan 

Most Intelligent 
Cherry and Edgar Toroc. 

Rounding out the overall high school experi- 
ence, club activities are an extension of the 
regular cinniculum. Rather than going home 
innnnediately after school, students stay after 
and meet with organizations. There is a club 
that suits almost every student's interests. 

Service clubs such as Junior Civitan, Key 
Club, and Keyettes spend their meetings 
planning events and activities to help others. 
Language and other co-cirricular clubs pro- 
vide the opportunity for students to learn 
more than what is taught in class. The lan- 
guage clubs — French. German, and Spanish 
— teach the students the cluture of foreign 
nations. DECA [Distributive Education Clubs 
of AmericaD, VICA [Vocational Industrial Clubs 
of America], and FHA [Future Homemakers 
of America], are clubs for students taking the 
related subjects. The sophomore, junior, and 
senior classes have senates whose members 
vote on everything the class does. Often, 
these are the most challenging clubs because 
they must raise large sums of money. The 
SCA [Student Cooperative Association] is 
the club that unites the students. Students 
come together for different projects which 
are often service oriented and contribute to 
the community. The ICC [Inter Club Council] is 
the group of students \A/ho decide what pro- 
jects may be done by which clubs. We have 
many opportunities at Kellam to meet this 
Challenge and make a difference in our school 
and community. 



Music Turns To Tropliies 

October was a busy month for the Mar- 
ching Knights. The Kellann Marching Knights 
participated in the Richmond Band Day Fes- 
tival on October ^th placing 2nd in Class A 
competition. The band then attended the 1 st 
Annual Virginia Beach Marching Classic and 
placed 1 St Place Band, 1 st Place Color 
Guard, and 1 st Place Drum Major. After a 
week of nest and necouperatlon the Marching 
Knights then competed in the Tidewater Fes- 
tival of Marching Bands placing fourth in its 
class. The Marching Knights finally closed its 
long season on October 31 st at the O. D. U. 
Marching Band Classic placing 2nd place 
overall, 1 st Place Percussion, 1 st Place 
Drum Major, and 1 st Place Color Guard. In 
addition to all the rehearsals and competi- 
tions the Marching Knigl^its were present in 
full force at the home football games to sup- 
port the team and project school spirit and t 

During the concert season the band pre- 
sented a Christmas Concert, Winter Con- 
cert, and Spring Concert. The band also 
attended the annual district concert festival 
and solo ensemble festival and did quite well at 

The rifles concentrate on keeping things together. 

Karen Higgins 

taa^^^^'^'T "?""^" '°"3 ^°^^- practicing 
to get the right effect on the field. 

each of these. The Knights are planning to go 
the prestigious Six Flags Oven Georgia Con- 
cent and Marching Festival for a spring trip. 
Kellam also placed twelve of its members in 
the All-Regional Band. 

eads the way from the stadiu 

m after a game. 


Le Club Francais 

Comme Coujouns "Les Amis Franc^ais" one 
passe une annee fabuleuse en dansant, 
chantant et bouffant! Le debut de I'annee 
scolaire etait fete a Redwing Park avec un 
pique-nique de tous les etudiants de langues 
etrangeres a Kellam. Pour notre "Honne- 
coming" le club a decore un camion nomme 
'Tile de fantaisie. " Andre Mina etalt "Tatoo" et 
Andre Grain etait "Mr. Roark". Le club a 
gagne de I'argent avec la competition 
"Rocks for Rocks. " On a fete Noel avec le 
club espagnol a Bow Creek Rec. Center. 
Pendant toute I'annee les danseurs de club 
se sont entraines pour I'evennnent le plus 
important de I'annee — le Fete de Langues 
Etrangeres de Va. Beach qui a lieu au mois 
de mars. Avant la fin de I'annee les mem- 
bres de club veulent visiter Busch Gardens 
et dTner dans un restaurant f rancjais. Peut 
— etre quelques eleves vont assister au 
camp franijais a VPI pendant r6t6 ou bien 
voyager en France s'ils ont de bonne 

French Club Members: cop row: Holly Reitz. Maria Villanueva. Lori Lodge. Lisa Hall. Kim Jones. 
bottom row: Shan Savage, Barbara Schaarchmidt. Audrey Johnson 

French Club Members: top row: Travis Cox, Andrew Crenshaw, middle row: Philip Reed. Eddie 
Taylor. Todd Cram, Jim Webster. Wayne Scott, bottom row: Hugh Baum. Michelle Workman, Dora 
Sherman, Stacy Peckman. Andy Mine. 

German Club 

Mit 27 Mitgliedern war es ein 
lebhaftes Jahr fun den Deutsch 
Klub. September begann mit einem 
Picknick mit den andenen Sprach- 
klubs in Red Wing Park. Im Oktober 
fand Homecoming statt, und nach 
schvA/enen Arbeit gewann den Klub 
den Preis fur das beste dekorierte 
Auto. Es sah aus, W\e das Knus- 
penhaus aus den Geschichte von 
Hansel und Gnetel. An einem nassen 
Oktobertag nnachte den Klub einen 
Ausflug nach Busch Gardens. Im 
Novennbep hielt den Klub einen 
Musikwettkannpf, und Queen wurde 
als die populanste Gruppe von den 
Schulern gewahlt. Die Mitglieder 
assen Wurste and Sauerkraut auf 
einem Oktoberfest in einem Stall, 
spielten Poule auf einer Weihnachts- 
party, und planten andere Feiem im 
Fruhling zu haben. Acht Schijler 
ubten deutsche Volkstanze das 
ganze Jahr, und machten Vorstel- 
lungen bei dem Pavillion fur den Mis- 
tletoe Mart, Kempsville Junior High, 
Lynnhaven Mall fur Foreign Lan- 
guage Week, und Norfolk Collegi- 
ate. Die Tanzgruppe Ritter und Ros- 
ser bestand aus Schulern von Kel- 
lam und Green Run, und bekam Lob 
uberall. wo sie tanzte. Der Klub hat- 
te dieses Jahr Vor, im Fruhling 
eine Reise nach Pennsylvania 
Dutch Country zu machen. 

Front row: James Cull, Jim Keenan, Tim 
Taylor, Todd Banes, Steve Gradine, Roger 
Grimes. Middle row: Robert Ivey. Mike 
Cochran, Chris Bonney. Daniel Gregory, 
Johnathan Riley. Back row: Eileen Smith. 
Dawn Oliver, Dione Balf, Yvette Joyce. 

A.-'«.«".- :»""i*> V«» 

Spanish. Club 

Viva Espana! El Club de Espana es prob- 
ablemente el mas active de Kellam. Durante 
el ano van a muchos festivales y activ 
dades, tales como el Festival de Neptuno, e 
Festival de Lenguas en Lynnhaven Mall, y el 
Festival International del Hosp 

Front ro\A/: Lena Robison. Julie Harrison, Elizabeth 
Oglesby. Second row: Becky Winstead. Lianna Cruz. 
Elizabeth Oropeza, Lei Ann Potter, Debbie Potts, Mrs. 
Exum. Back row: Teresa Griffith. Paul Miller, Joe 
Reynolds, Joe Ariola, Mark Jones. Nick Kozoroz. 
Robert Westbrook. 

Inter-club Council 

I.e. C. officers: Sylvia Rose and Janine 

1 13 

Key and Keyettes 

Key Club is a high school organiza- 
tion which pledges to build our home, 
school, and connmunicy. Key Club, 
sponsored by Krwanis International, 
radiates the postove attitudes of Its 
officers. Denise Elliott [president], 
Mary Beth Mina [vice- president!), 
Eric Cooper [treasurer], and Bobbi 
Page [secretary], as well as its mem- 

The Kellam High School Key Club 
had a most successful year. Among 
their activities was a continuous pro- 
ject with the Camelot Hall Resting 
Home. Firm friendships were made 
with the patients at Camelot. Key 
Club also worked on an ecological 
project — planting dune grass in 
order to prevent erosion of beach 
dunes. The projects were success- 
ful and allowed the club to follow the 
theme "Pursue Tomorrow's Poten- 

The citizenship qualities and re- 
sponsibilities of the Key Clubbers 

r •• as BB •■ 

V A ■■ .L 8i 







signs played an Important role in 
the sale of Keyette two year plan- 

Key Club: front row; Denise Elliot. Mary Beth Mine. Todd Cram, Brian Followell, Marlene Simpson. Bobbi Page. 
Andrew Johnston. bacl< ro\/v; Mr. Baker, sponsor. Roger Gnmes. Tony Ammons. Enc Cooper, Tern Taylor. 
Richard Gnmes. 

proved that the youth of today truly 
care about their world and its prob- 

The Keyette Club is a small, but 
prominent service group at Kel- 
lam. This hard working organiza- 
tion IS active in District and Inter- 
national Keyettes as well as in 
serving the community. This year 
the Keyettes raised money for the 
Ronald McDonald House, the 
Heart Fund, and the Special Olym- 
pics. Keyettes were also involved 
in a Big Sister Program with 
Court House Elementary School; 
and they helped promote the Keep 
Virginia Clean Program. With only 
seven returning members this 
year, the Keyettes had to strug- 
gle to survive, but all the effort 
paid off. The Keyettes were able 
to actively participate in the 
Keyette International Convention 
held May 12-14. in which Key- 
ettes from across the United 
States and overseas were able to 

Keyettes: bacl< row; Lisa IVfatthewB. Vicki Griffith, Robin Capps. 
Karen Sehn. Jennifer Perry, middle row: Janevette Mitchell. Jac- 
qui Thompson, Daphne Fleeger, Lisa Anderson, Tare Henderson, 
front row: Terena Morhana, Nanette Abarillo, Teresa Morhana. 
Kim Richarda, Mane Bunt 


Library Club 


Library Assistants: front 
row, Bobby Burrage. 
Heidi Williams. Wendy 
Hewitt, Cathy Taten, Kit- 
ty Taylor. Kinn Davis, Ter- 
ry Lynn Miller. Pann 
Roberts. Eric Hartman 
back row: Sandy 
Heacock. Marc Carr. Dan 
Loftus. Kevin Brocki, 
Ragina Harris, Sarah 

The Library Club is a service 
club whose members serve the 
staff and students of Kellam as 
assistants in the library and 
video technicians in the class- 
rooms. The Kellam Library 
Club's purpose is to improve the 
library in appearance, and ser- 
vice, and the members work en- 
thusiastically towards this goal. 

The Library Club sponsored a 
Rubik's Cube contest and a 
Book Fair to raise money for the 
Library Scholarship Fund. 

The highlight of the year for 
the Library Club is al\A/ays the 
celebration of National Library 
Week. During this week the club 
members and library staff pre- 
sented special progranns of 
music, drama, contests, speak- 
ers, and films to advertise the 
library and all its many facets. 

Library Club: front row; Matt King. Lena 
Robison. Patty Rollins, Marsha Gber- 
lies. Debbie Tuure, Wanda Day. Chris 
Yeatman back row: Julie Harrison. 
Dione Balf. Terry Lynn Miller, David Ter- 
ry, Barbara Schaarschmidt. Susan 


Intellectually Speaking 

The Forensics Club is a small but 
elite group of fast-talking students, 
founded so that those who wish to 
be on the Forensics team will get the 
necessary practice. Each member 
choses f nomi four categories — Ex- 
temporaneous Speaking, Original 
Oratory, Poetry, or Prose — and 
then selects their personal choice 
to read in competition. Members 
learn to create speeches quickly 
under pressure and to make people 
believe what is said. Members also 
learn to read poetry and prose wiith 
clarity and emotion. 

In their second year at Kellam, the 
Forensics Club once again success- 
ful completed a silence-a-thon. 
However, not one member was able 
to maintain silence for an entire 
school day. This just goes to show 
that they are a fine group. Who has 
ever heard of a Forensics Club that 
didn't talk? 

Denise Elliott tries to persuade her audience. 

Richard Ivey makes a point. 

Front row: Lera Robison. Robert Ivey. bottom row: Richard Ivey. Barbare 
Schaanachmidt, Wanda Day, Danise Elliott, Mary Beth Mina. 


Lynette Vango and Teresa Saunders practice cross ex- 

Left side: Mike Foy, David Baust, Scott Brown. Right 
side: Lisa Johnson, Teresa Saunders, Lynette 

The illustrious Kellam Debate Teann. Who? 
Yes. the great Kellam Debate Team. The 
veterans: \A/ise and experienced captain Scott 
Brown, the witty and resourceful David 
McRae.the illogical and insane Mike Foy, and 
the new talents: talented Michelle Wonknnan, 
eager to learn Lisa Johnson, practical and 
dynamic Lynette Vango, and great potential, 
David Baust. 

The Debate Team has ternninated the 
career of more enemy debators than any 
other high school team. Kellami is noted for its 
1 -2 counterplan punch, the fiat shuffle and 
the cross X kick. The team's style has livened 
many a boring debate. Sarcasm and humor 
are Kellami's best weapons on the debate bat- 
tlefield. With the indescribable leadership of 
Mrs. Joanne Lewis, the Debate Team has 
vA/onked to provide tne wins the school needs. 
Next year promises to be greater with the 
addition of returning debators and ne\A/ tal- 

We now stand ready for cross examination. 

David Baust takes notes on a presentation. 


Clieerleaders Spark EnttLUSiasm 

Signs in the halls encouraged teams as well as fans. 


Cheerleading isn't just 
going out to the football 
games on Friday nights. 
In fact, it's much nnore 
than that. The cheer- 
leaders work all yean to 
support each and every 
team and pronnote 
school spirit. This year 
the cheerleaders spon- 
sored a pep rally, held a 
bonfire, and honored the 
atheletes by holding 
breakfasts and dinners 

for the individual teams. 
In the summer, the girls 
attended a cheerleading 
camp at William and 
Mary College where they 
won the NCA Spirit 
Stick avA/ard. The squad 
also participated in the 
ODU/K-S^a Cheerleading 
competition where they 
won fourth place and the 
Norfolk Collegiate com- 
petition where they won 
second place. 

The cheerleaders practice one of their many stunts with the aid of 
Gerry Quick. 

Debbie Craig, Michele Aebel, Wendy Pecheco, Michele Spruill. 
Francine Taylor, Loni Green. Dora Sherman, Carne Carlson, Dora 
Petty, Tracy Bartlett, Roaa Garcia. On the car: Chris Mone, Beth 

Waiting patiently for the band to clear the track after a 
halftime show. 


Due to lack of student participation, the char- 
ter of the Navel Junior Reserve Officers Training 
Corps CNJROTCD was revoked at the end of last 
year. Enthusiastic members, however, continued 
to take related courses and wear their black, 
medal laden uniformis to school periodically. They 
take classes in Naval Science and other courses 
that will prepare them for a military future With 
the NJROTC training they receive these stu- 
dents will help keep our country safe for demo- 

D. Frazier. D. Klingensmith, R. Marsh, C. Millens 
R. Baker, D. Frazer, C. Mullens, C. Simson, A. Broadhead 

Anthony Broadhead. Front now: L. Leathep\A/ood. K. 
Snowden, M. Riddick, K. Riddick Back now: R. Markel. 
R. White. T. Foster, M. Thomason 

f *S 

Standing tall and proud. 




Senior Senate 

Senior Senate: back row: Robert Snock. Cora Gnanby, Colleen Walsh. Stephanie Williams. Keith Burns, third row: Erica Doran. Vicki 
Griffith. Jacqui Thompson, Cindy Havens. Maria Villanueva. Diana Reardon. Brant Ashbury, second row: Andrea McLaurin, Valerie 
Gowens. Susan Etheridge. Lisa Williams. Lisa Taylor, Meg Denning. Lisa Falone. Lynn Mohler, first ro\A/: Andrew Johnston. Debbie Perry. 
Holly Birdsong. Julie Harrison. Suzanne King. Tony Krug, Crystal Suggs 

Cheryl Keenan conducts a Senate meeting. 

Senate Officers: Cheryl Keenan. Janine Lowery. 
Wanda Cherry. Robin Capps 


Junior Senate 

The Junior Class of 1 9S2 was 
busily at work constructing projects 
to raise money toward a goal, the 
Ring Dance. Their projects included 
such things as a Can Wash, Bowl-a- 
thon, and other miscellaneous fund- 
raising activities. They also included 
a community service project during 
Thanksgiving. Each Junior English 
class was asked to bring in canned 
goods. The class with the most can- 
ned goods received a prize for their 

Junior Senate: bacl< row: Lisa Cl-iurchwell, Julie Keller. Cindy McKinney, Lisa Jacobs, Karen Higgins, Wendy 
Pacheco. tinird row: Ricky Kwaitkowski, Andy IVIina. Barbara Schaarschmidt. Charlene Duncan, ?, Audrey 
Johnson, Cl-\ris Perry, Slnelley Taylor, second row: Ronique Breaux, Lavora Barnes, Maria Walsh, Sylvia 
Rose, Heather Pendleton, Corinne Quevedo, Patty Froehlen. first row: Dora Petty, Richard Ivey. Lisa 
Mattews, Donna Neveu. David Clank. Kim Schneider, Susan Griffin. 

The Senior Senate has worked 
very hard this year on several 
major projects. The Senate's 
work centers around the Prom, 
May 1 , at the Commiodore 
Country Club. The senators 
have also worked on several new 
projects like sponsoring their 
own holiday "Midwinter Blues" 
on January 22 to escape the 
doldrums of winter. Another 
project which we attempted to 
rene\A/ at Kellam v\/as a fashioin 
show. The senators worked 
with local merchants to see if 
they could produce a fascinating 
show which would attract stu- 
dent interest. Seniors also work 
with graduation proceedings, 
but final plans were up to the 
School Board and the Admiinis- 


Jr. Class Officers: front row: Corinne Quevedo, Susan Hoff, 
Angela RIddick, David Clark 

Lisa Jacobs. Standing: 


SoptLomore Senate 

■■■■■■■■■■^^■■■lOi ■■H^Bnm IB ■■■■■■ 
■^■■■■■■■■■■■■■wmIb— ■— ■ 


Shari Savage leads a Sophomore Senate 

The Sophomore Senate's 
major goal for the year was 
to have a Crystal Ball, which 
has not occuned for the last 
three years. In order to have 
the Crystal Sail, the Sopho- 
mores have to rely on fund- 
raising projects. Among 
these projects, the Sopho- 
mores planned to have more 
projects as the year went 
on. The Sophomores Sen- 
ate consisted of twenty-six 
members and was spon- 
sored by Mr. Smith and Ms. 
Wernick. Senate officers 
were: Tracy Bartlett. Presi- 
dent, Kim McLaughlin, Vice- 
President, Debbie Tuure, 
Secretary, Gina Gray, 

wmmmmm Cii 


9SS5S8I ^OOL ^* 



Sophomore Senate; Cop row: DavA/na Green, Maria Tabora, Christine Mosler, Susan Palmer, Travis Cox, 
bottom row: Leslie Hill, Julie Moore. Robin Waterfield, Michelle Spruill, Michelle Workmen, Connie 


A Helping Hand 

Office helpers: first row; Lisa Lamm. Robin WaCerfield second now: Lisa Guidance helpers: First no\A/: Sandy Edwards. Kirby Malbone. second row: 
Lloyd. Michele Spruill. Debbie Perry back now; Julie Bright. Thad Kimble. Lisa Holcombe. Connie Morgan. Corinne Quevedo. Teresa Miracle. Lavora 
David Clark. Michele Workman Barnes. 

Nurses Helpers: Debbie Anderson. Jackie Hancock. Cheryl Akers, Christine Wright. Christine Moseler. Shirley 


The purpose of the 
National Honor Society is 
to encourage scholarship, 
promote leadership, render 
service, and build character. 
At Kellam a fornnal induction 
ceremony is held each 
spring, and students \A/ho 
excel in the membership 
qualifications of schol- 
arship, leadership, service, 
and character are inducted 
into the NHS. 

The members of each 
year's organization work 
diligently to live up to the 
club's motto of "Nobeese 
Oblige." To encourage schol- 
arship, the NHS posted the 
honor roll after every grad- 
ing period and conducted 
weekly math vA/orkshop 
under the guidance of hon- 
orary member Mr. Payne. 
NHS promoted leadership 
by sponsoring an annual 
leadership workshop; this 
workshop not only famil- 
iarizes club members with 
parliamentary procedure 
and member responsibility, 
but also offers help with 
fund raising and group dyna- 
mics. This year's workshop 
could not have been as suc- 
cessful as It was without the 
aid of Ms. Mercer, honorary 
members Mr. Ammons and 
Mrs. Egas, and Mrs. Chap- 
pell, the NHS sponsor. 

Each year, the Society 
chooses different service 
projects. This year's Society 
planted dune grass in late 
November along v/vith the 
Key Club and the Junior Civi- 
tan on S-^th street to help 
prevent the erosion of sand 
dunes; and, during Decem- 
ber, the club sponsored a 
toy for the Salvation Army. 
Finally, to build character, 
the NHS selects a member 
of the student body who ex- 
emplifies the characteris- 
tics of a good citizen but is 
not in the Society. This stu- 
dent is named Citizen of the 
Month, and his or her 
accompliahments are dis- 
played in a showcase in the 
front hall. 

National Honor Society 

\ : 

Clirisfi/Ms Toif I)f 


Smsa-a( 6if the. 

'■-) Cxfore IT cpr ixh 

\ Tou^ ltd (-»■' «7" 

The N.H.S. donated toys to the Salvation Army for a 
Christmas Toy Drive 

N.H.S. nnember Dawn Oliver helps in the library as 

part of an N.H.S. service. 


N.H.S. Officers: seated: 
Lisa Taylor, Wanda Cherry, 
standing: Debbie Perry, 
Gayle Singleton 

N.H.S.: first row: Holly Reitz, 
Janine Lovj/ery. May Bugtong, mid- 
dle row: Trjna Gallardo, Andy Mina, 
Dawn Oliver, back row: Charlene 
Duncan, Hicky Kwaitkowski. Joe 

N.H.S.: first row: Kelly Campbell. 
Julie Harrison. Holly Birdsong. 
Cheryl Keenan. back row: Edgar 
Toroc. Mark Jones. Glenda New- 
man, Robin Capps. Mrs. Chappell; 


Drama Club 

arc I j=r 3ar -sztztz -u — es 

_sr _=u-r. arc -zr&r 

_>_)' -ST^ i 1 .<= ^1- 

_ '_C 




The Kellam Chapter of the 
Distributive Education Clubs of 
America is a professional orga- 
nization that enhances the 
Marketing and Distributive 
Education career field. Activi- 
ties in this program of work in- 
clude four major projects based 
on the four points of the DECA 
Diamond, they symbol of DECA. 
The four points of the diamond 
are Civic Consciousness, Social 
Intelligence, Vocational Under- 
standing, and Leadership De- 

In addition to chapter projects 
DECA members compete in indi- 

Advanced Marketing 


Fashion Merchandising 

vidual competitive events based 
on their career Interests. The 
competition is held on District, 
State, and Notional levels. Stu- 
dents also compete for various 
college scholarships given by 
supporters of Marketing Dis- 
tributive Education. 

Fun activities are also a part 
of DECA. Each year the DECA 
club has picnics, pizza parties 
and participates In a city wide 
volleyball tournament. The big 
event at the end of the year Is 
the Employer-Employee Ban- 
quet held at the Tidewater Din- 
ner Theatre. 



SCA Officers: 

Sheryl Mone, Lisa 
Williams. Holly Bird- 
song, Sylvia Rose, 
Holly Rietz. 

Kneeling: Dione Balf, 
Susan Echeridge. Debbie 
Craig. Standing; Mark 
Hogge. Jim Webster, 
"^ "Id Barnes. James Tra- 
, Joe Pisciotta. 

Front row: Susan Ether- 
idge. Joe Pieciotta, Deb- 
bie Craig. Tracy Bart- 
letc. Andrew Johnston. 
Suzanne King. TonyKrug 
Middle row: Mane Walsh. 
David Clark. Colleen 
Walsh. Stephanie Wil- 
liannB, Dana French. Back 
row Sherry Phillips. Deb 
bie Perry, Grog Scheor. 
Mane Bunc. 


Front row: Maria Villa- 
nueva, Diana McAnally. 
Lisa Kelly Second row: 
Cindy Havens, Charlene 
Duncan, AndyMina. Chris 
Perry Back ro\A/: Michele 
Hogan. Fred Stemple, 
David Wonley, Paul Pav- 
lides, Nick Kozoroz 

Front row: Janine Low- 
ery. Terry Taylor, Yvonne 

Second row: Lavora 
Barnes. Angela Riddick, 
Shari Savage, Wanda 
Cherry Back row: Richard 
Ivey, Robin Capps, Jimmy 
Freemeau. Vickie Griffith, 
Teresa Saunders 

Chris Mone, Julie Kellam, 
Ruth Ingerson, Lisa 
Jacobs. Chris Yeatman. 


Monogram Club 




/^O Cc^/v^ 




\ ^ 







., .^ 

New rriomhonc nf t hp N/lnnogram Club MHUst undergo an iniCation which includes getting signatures. 

Monogram Officers: left to right: Colleen Walsh. Greg 
Scheer. Gayle Singleton. Stephanie Williams. Cheryl 
Mone. Jim Driscoll. Julie Kellam. 

M. from Che left: Janine Lowery. Kirby Malbone. De- 
bbie Perry. Andrea McLaurin, Sheryl Mone. Colleen 
Walsh. Julie Kellam. Ray Chapman. Stephanie Wil 
hams. Tony Krug. Both Richardson. Thad Kimble. 
David Klineinsmith, Jimmy Driscoll. Kevin Warren. 
Greg Scheer. Robin Richards, Stanley Hill. Andrew 
Johnston. Gail Singleton. Lon Green. Kathy Deyo. 
Tammy Miller. Darleno Depew. Kelly Campbell. Debbie 
Craig. Lisa Churchwell. 

Literary Arts Club 


A 4 

'^ t 


The purpose of the Literary Arts Club is 
to collect, proofread, and publish the Liter- 
ary Art Magazine. The students' art and 
creative written work are published in a pro- 
fessional format. 

To help subsidize the magazine, the club 
held two fund raising events; School Logo 
Pencil and Pen Sale and a Student Art Sale. 

The club and the SCA designed a Neptune 
Festival Parade Float and won first place for 
their dolphin design. The club also entered a 
dragon float in the Homecoming Parade. 

LiCerary Arcs Club: Dawn Newton. ?, Teresa Simons. 
Debbie Potts. James Vergonio. Matt Belenski. Char- 
lotte Johnson, front now: Daniel Gregory. Paul 
Pavlides, Roger Grimes. Patricia Williamson. Jim 
Webster. Richard Grimes. Nick Kozoroz. Mr. Dorosz. 



Donna Burdel 
Charlene Christian, 
and Sheila Mullen 
prepare to begin 

FHA Front row: Bambi 
Silvorchorne and Mike 
Moranha. Back rov^: 
Lisa Caseei. Laura 
Clark, Tracy Tillman. 
Kim Gnadine, Roberta 
Gould, Chris Wright. 
Toreea Drawoy. 


Future Homemakers of America 
is the largest youth organization in 
the nation. Being a co-curricular 
organization, FHA emphasizes lead- 
ership in academic and service acti- 
vities. Mini Chapters are estab- 
lished at the beginning of the year, 
and with elected class officers, acti- 
vities are selected and ii 
plemiented. FHA isn't just 
academics though, social activities 

like field trips, fashion ehovA/s, re- 
ceptions, and homemaking are im- 
portant too! Throughout the year, 
the Kellam High FHA will help with 
the PTA open house, fundraising 
activities, FHA camp, and the state 
eadership conference. The FHA 
members are proud and pleased to 
be represented here at Kellam High 









-■» m 






X^ fl 

FBLA: Mane Bunt. Ragina WhiCehurst, 
Shan Savage, Anita Theilen. 

FBLA; Front row: Kelly DeVault. Patty 
Jobb, Abby Wall. Second now: Lisa Hol- 
com, Missy Costa, Leigh Vest, Patty 
Rollins. Third row: Kathy Mclntyne, 
Chris Wright. Fourth now: Kim Gnadine, 
Daan Hood. Back now: Claudette 
Cason, Karen Snowden. Debnas Holley. 
Deborah Humohnes. 

Front ro\N: Tnacy Davidson and Tina 
Faino. Second row: Elizabeth Oglesby. 
Mary Beth Monnis, Lisa Jones, Gina Wil- 
lianns. Back now: Rhonda Wall, ManyAn- 
ne Longo, Cindy Havens. 



L J 

Front row: Troy Moore. Walter Wahl. Back row: Hank Chitwood. David Front row: Patricia Williamson. Russel Dorsey. Melvin Bryant. Back row: Pat 
Mullins. Tracy Freeman. Sean Holloway. D'Amico. Randy Overacre. Charles Sawyer. Todd Bonney. Robert 


^UlllMll - l.(M. \ 

■I'l'Mltll Mill ^ I.I..T. I MIMIIIji ^,,« 

Front row: Leon Boney. Junior Kelly. James MatthevA'S. Monique Sparrow, 
Vince Holley. James Brown. Middle row: Richard Vieres. ?. Jamey Epstein, 
David Ray. Marlene Wilson. ?. Ben Bowser. Back row: "?, Craig Wood. Daniel 
Crowther. Cindy Mullens. Barbara Poole. Wendy D'Wiggins, Jon Drueitt, 
Bridgett Kidd. Anthony Cramer. 

Industrial Cooperative (ICT) Training is a form of cooperative 
part-time education designed to provide vocational industrial 
training opportunities for high school juniors and seniors. The 
program is a cooperative effort on the part of the school and 
the local community to afford the student the opportunity to 

Front row: David Muiiina, Barbara Poole. Cindy Mulline. Kathleen Waiiz- receive on-the-job training in the real world of work. 

er. Back row: Jamoe Brown. Mr. Valentine. Randy Overacre. Anthony 

Cramer,?. Students who enroll in the ICT program automatically be- 

come members of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America 
CVICA3 Leadership Club. The VICA club will sponsor and/or par- 

1 3B ticipate in various Civic, Educational and Social activities during 

the school year. 

Roundtable Reports.... 

Roundtable Staff: front now: Shenyl Mone. Sandy Bnninger, Robin Richards, back row: Billy Golding, John Kennedy. Ronnie Greene. 

The Roundtable is more than just a newspaper, 
it is a news nnagazine that touches not only the 
students and faculty of Kellann, but it reaches out 
to everyone who may happen to pick up a copy. 

The seven-member staff has worl<ed diligently 
to meet the interests of its readers. A self- 
supported paper, the Roundtable depends on 
ads as a source of income. Each copy is distri- 
buted free. 


The Day of tlie Deadline 

(with, apologies to Clement Clark Moore) 

T\A/as Che day of the deadline and all 

through the Challenger 
Everything was a hustle, a bustle, alive. 
Layouts were strewn across the room 

without care. 
In hopes that Perry * would not soon be 


The editor was working at a feverish pace, 
And had the black from her pencil all over 

her face! 
The editor and I. like animals trapped in a 

Had just settled down to proofread each 

and every page. 

When out on the lawn there arose such a 

We sprang from our chairs crying, "What's 

the matter?" 
Away to bolt the door I hurriedly flew 
Crying, "No, not Perry! Not yet! We're not 

through! " 

With a surge of new energy we turned back 

to our tasks. 
When "What's all the fuss?" a voice from 

the typewriter asked. 
"Look out the window." I said, "and tell us 

what you see?" 
'Oh no. it's Perry, and he's looking at me!" 

More rapid than an eagle up the stairs 

Perry came 
And he whistled and shouted and called us 

each by name: 
"Hey Dave! Hey Lavora! Come on Keith and 

Hey Brian! Hey Denisel Hey Julie. David and 

Ray! " 

"Open this door! Open it now I say! 

Your time is all gone. Your pages are due 

My heart was heavy as I slowly turned the 

Remember. I thought, he's only doing his 


HiB curls were all tousled as he entered the 

And said. "Let's get cracking, your pages 

are done I assume." 
"But Perry, you're early." we ell cried in 

"It's only three o'clock. What are you doing 



Nona/ for the serious side of the yearbook staff.... 

Lavora Barnes frequently types love letters instead of 
yearbook copy. Doesn't she look innocent ? 

He might not be 
wonders never 

But Perry just laughed and went about his work. 
He checked all our pages and then said with a smirk. 
"You're fifteen pages short, I'm sorry to say. 
So get busy and finish. We haven't got all day!" 

In panic we shouted, "What happened? But how? 
We counted five times. We should have met it by now!" 
In silence and despair we went back to work 
And struggled and slaved, beneath Perry's smirk. 

But finally it was done. All the pages complete. 
Worn out, but glad, we all sighed, "Success is sweet. 
Perry gathered his things and strode out the door. 
As exhausted, we all collapsed on the floor! 

Once again we had done it. The deadline was met. 
But sadly we remembered, there's one more yet! 
But we heard Perry call as he drove out of sight, 
"It'll be a good book. Just see if I'm right." 

* John Perry, representative from Hunter Publishing 

Mr. Jekyl. but he's Keith Burns and he's trying to type; 



They Sing Loud And Clear 

The Choruses have been 
very busy this yean. The Fall 
Pop Concert has been 
added to the concert sched- 
ule this yean in which all 
chorusas prefornned pop 
music hits. The students 
have worked hand, prepar- 
ing music for their Winter 
and Spring Concerts, also. 

In addition to the regular 
concerts, each choral mem- 
ber has a chance to audition 
and participate in the Re- 
gional Chorus. All-State 
Chorus, and Honors Choir. 
This year Kellam has been 
represented by sixteen stu- 
dents in Regional Chorus 
and t\A/o in the Honors Choir. 

This year, "The Main 
Event", a verity show spon- 
sored by the Choral Depart- 
ment, featured new talent 
from the Kellam student 
body. The show was a suc- 
cess and the choruses want 
to thank you for your sup- 
port of their project. 

The Madrigals have had a 
fun-filled year and they have 
learned many things. They 
were well-represented by a 
first place winning in the 
13S1 Homecoming Parade. 
They also worked hard on a 
miusical program to present 
in the 1 382 James Madison 
Jazz and Show Choir Fes- 

The choruses hope they 
will have additional interest 
in their programs and 
classes next year. Anyone 
interested in joining a chor- 
us class next year, should 
contact Mrs. Gibson or 
your guidance counselor. 

Front ro>/v: Bnenda Bray, Cora Granby. Martha Czeslowski. Rogert Beckett. Second row: Elaine Knight. Rhondella 
Johnston, Allsha Pickering, Laura Clark, Charlene Christian. Gloria Woodhouse. Back row: Deborah Milano. Sylvia 
Richards, Kim Jones, Peter Battle, Stanley Armstrong, Donald Fisher. Diana Reardon. Lisa Jones. 

Front row: Sherry Phillips, Lisa Selig, Tome Martin, Melody Dssargos. Brenda Bray, Melia Vega, Charlene Christian, 
Allan Booth, Second row: Dixie Powell, Trudi Schimpf, Melody Riddick, Renee Rayner, Andrew Lewis. Steven 
McPheraon, Lisa Johnson, Brian Followell, William Reardon, Scott Ricks, Abbey Wall, Karen Riddick, Mia Amichi, 
Darin Durbin, Jackie Tucker, Sherry Boney, Third row: Pat Carter. Vernell Spence, KathyMays, FredStimple, Andre 
Cason, Doug Troop, Bruce Wileon, Marcue Forman, Aleta Cason, Valorio Owens, Pattie Jobb 



Madrigals; Front row: Angela Knight. Andrea McLaurin. Cheryl Keenan, Dona Granby, Crystal Suggs, Calista Suggs, Renay Raynen, Holly 
Birdsong, Mrs. Gibson. Middle row: Andrew Lewis, David McRae, Steven McPherson. Back row: Scott Rix, Andre Cason, Thaddeus Mason, 
Joe Pearson. 



Jr. Civitan: first row: James Lee. Janine Lowery, Lavora Barnes, second row Andres McLsurm. Debbie Perry. Valerie Gowens. Corinne 
Quevedo. Susan Griffin. Shari Savage. Mike Rose. Cay Cook. Wanda Cherry, cinird row: David McRae. Angela Knight. Teresa McCellan. Lisa 
Taylor. Greg Scheer. Susan Echeridge. Karen Higgins. Cindy McKmney. Lisa Jacobs. Lisa Churchwell. Kim McLoughlin. Crystal Suggs. Sheryl 
Helm, Michelle Hogan, back rovA/: David Clark, Julie Bright, Ricky Kwaitkowski, Sylvia Rose, Holly Birdsong, Andy Mine, Lisa Williams, Shelly 
Taylor. Richard Ivey, Lei Ann Potter, Charlene Duncan, Chris Perry, Maria Walsh, Patty Frohler, Ronnie Green, David Morgan, Brian Bolton. 
Mary Chapman, Bridgett Baird, Margaret Baird, Gayle Ross, Mrs. Betty Smith, sponsor 

Jr. Civitan 


Junior Civitan "Helps People", and this year's 
club has raised this slogan to new heights. 

Junior Civitan began the school year by com- 
ing in during August, before school even 
opened, to assist the office staff with schedule 
mailings and to make Survival Kits for the 

In September the club sponsored a tea for the 
teachers, while in October the club spearheaded a 
blood drive with the Red Cross, observed National 
Bub Drivers Week by honoring the Kellaim busdnv- 
ers, sold homecoming mums, and held Sunwheel- 
ers Nights at the Kellam versus Green Run game. 
Planting dune grass and selling fruitcake at Pem- 
broke Mall were November club activities, while 
December activities included Teacher Secret Pals, 
a Big Stocking Contest. 

Junior Civitan planned among other things, 
Valentine's Goodies for the teachers, a Saint Pat- 
rick's Day Carnation sale, and an Easter Basket 
contest. The club's main projects for the spring 
were International Tag Day, in April, when the club 
raised money for Special Olympics, and the club's Coach Morns 
bi-annual Red Cross blood drive. Junior Civitan is a 
club that truly believes in "People Helping People. " 

smiles bravely as he prepares to give blood. 

KnigMs of Cliristian 

Knights of Christian Fellowship: left to right: Daphne Fleeger, ?, Fred Stemple, David Bridges, Robert Palmer, Lisa Taylor. Matt Werle. Mr. 
Ammons, Teresa McClellan, Lisa Williams. 

This yean, Knights in Christian Fellowship joined the 
ranks of Kellam's student organizations when two 
students. Lisa Williams and Teresa McClellan, felt a 
need for a prayer group and took the measures 
necessary to begin one. The purpose is not only to 
unite Christian students in Kellam in fellowship, but 
also to help them in their Christian walk through 
studying the Bible and prayer. 

The Fellowship, a nondenominational group, meets 
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning in 
Room 1 55 for a brief Bible study that is applicable to 
Christian high school students and ends each morn- 
ing with a prayer. On occasion, the members are 
treated to the leadership of their sponsor, Mr. 
Ammons, or Mr. Wicks in Bible study. In order to 
promote Christian fellowship, the Knights some- 
times meet in the homes of members and have a 
coffee-house type gathering with music, food, and 
Bible study. The Knights in Christian Fellowship invite 
and encourage all Kellam students to join this growing 
organization and start each day off the right way. 


Competitive sports are a large pant of a 
school's activities. The athletes themselves 
are not alone in their anxiousness before 
games. The entire student body tries to rally 
in support of our teams. The teams do not 
have to be winners for the athletes and the 
spectators to come out on top. 

Many students spend hours after school 
huffing, puffing, and sweating in preparation 
for upcoming gannes. It takes hard vA/onk and 
skills ranging from the gracefulness of gym- 
nastics to the hand hitting of baseball and 

The hard work of this years' athletes didn't 
always pay off with big wins. The pay off came 
through the satisfaction of knowing they gave 
their all. Juniors and sophomores look for- 
ward to next year when they can again give 
their all for their teams. 

To many students, participation in athletics 
is a way of meeting other students and learn- 
ing about working with others. The coopera- 
tion and communication skills learned 
through the interactions of team sports are 
useful. It will be necessary to use these skills 
in college and at work. 

Athletics are more than making touch- 
downs and shooting baskets. The challenges 
of competition provide rewarding experi- 
ences for all involved. 


Field Hockey 

The sticks, the shins, the blisters, the 
bruises, the joys of field hockey. This 
years field hockey team has shown 
great improvement and even better 
promise for next year. Captians Steph- 
nie Williams, Sheryl Mone, and Kelly 
Campbell \A/ill be missed. They provided 
good leadership as well as playing skills 
for the team. 


Hey. Chat's my ball! 



/Vait, I've got a secret to tell you 

=ront Row: D. Penny, M. Spnuill. S. Wlllianns, Cco- 
:apt. ). S. Mone Cco-capt. ). K. Campbell (co-capt. ), 
Chunchwell. K. McLaughlin. Middle Row: C 
vione, K. Deyo L. Gneen, T. McLain, M. Denning, 
3. Richandson, K. Pattenson. Back Row: K. Ro- 
3ens Cmanagen). T. Clank, Y. Wade, A. Cason, M. 
A/alsh, D. Cason, K. Mitchell, R. Richands, V. 
Bpence, L. Lupton Cmanagen]. 

The cheening section fon the othen team. 



"It's like this now. 



F-ir-BtHuw. S. Hill. J. Bowman, H. Hubert. Second How: R Tourbin. T Neidon, J, □nscoll, D. Vaclavcek. I, Kruy, t) . i. i > n i i i in ,i<ii'n. i 
Cannon. Third Row; S. Johnston. J. Condiff, K. Dietor. T. Mason. G. Scheer. B. Bowsor, B. Cason. J. Farrar, J ( i m i i , i i Mow: S. 

Matiko. W. Drake. J. Vidoll. S. Haynos. R. Lenczewski, A. Monson. D Nation. N Sanderlin. Back Row: J. Gray. D. Terry. U U^n u lui ., O I lolland. 
E. Woodhouse. T. MNORE. N. HasBel. J. Snowdon. V. Munden. 


Here we go again. 

Up, up and away! 

Before the season began, the Knight's 
head coach, Garrett, expressed the feelings 
of the Knights as, "People will give you one or 
two years, but then they expect you to win. At 
this time, we want to be in every ball game, 
and make some improvements. But our ulti- 
mate goal is to win the Beach title and go f nomi 
there. " 

Garrett, along with assistant coaches 
Micheals, Lambiotte, and Sereno, have given 
their all to the Knights. The Knights, in turn, 
have given it their best shot. 

Top returnees include Jimmy Bowman, 
Wallace Drake, James Driscoll, Stewart 
Haynes, Greg Scheer, Ray Tourbin, James 
Videll, Stanley Hill, Brandon Jenkins, and Rick 
LenczevA/ski. The best newcomers include 
Greg Holland, Hubert Horton, Eric Wood- 
house, James Snowden, Tony Neydon, and 
Jeff Cundiff. 

Dedication is what has kept the Knights In 
pursuit of their goal — to TAKE IT TO THE 

Two Knights spend some tinne warnning the bench. 



The pnegame hand shake. 
The Knights cackle to prevent yardage 

It's a tackle by the Knights! 

Of Skill 

The Knights get in position to make a Couchdo\/vn. 

Come on, break it up. 

If I tip toe, maybe he won't hear me come up from behind 

1 51 

Cross Country 

Front row: Pat D'Amico. Linda Hill, Coach Ca -uchens, Paul Miles. Standing: Roger Gnn-ies. Erie Cooper. Jim Webster, Robert Ivey 

Pat D'Amico and Paul Miles 

Cross Country is distance running over 
hilly terrain measuring 3. 1 miles long. The 
players must be conditioned to nun over 
hills, on straight avA/ays. and to pace them- 
selves. It IS an individual's sport which re- 
quires not only physical but also mental con- 

Although the Kellann Cross Country team 
has won no dual meets and ended the sea- 
son with a O-S record, the team has done 
well individually. 

Senior, Paul Miles has contributed great- 
ly to the team. He placed first in every dual 
meet, with the exception of one due to in- 
jury, and second to the best runner in 
Tidewater. 1G.3S was his best score for 
the year. Paul also placed in 2^ out of 1 •^B 
Regional tournaments on November 6. 

Other members include Seniors Pat 
D'Amico and Ben Cason, and Sophomores 
Eric Cooper, Jimmy Webster, Robert Ivey, 
and Roger Grimes. 


Girls and Boys Tennis 

Boy's Tennis Team: front now: 
Eddie Taylor, James Man- 
zione. Paul Criggen. James 
Lee. Back now: Tnavis Cox. 
Chnis Wood, Coach Monnis, 
Mike Hanley. Andnew John- 
ston, Scott Willett 

Ginl's Tennis Team: Lisa 
Schmale, Debbie Craig, Lisa 
Matthews, Coach Monnis, 
Julie Kellam, Debbie Brinn, 
Rosa Gancia 



The ceam members wait paciencly for their 

Another pin for the Knights. 



and Stamina 

Wrestling tea 
Allgor. Curtis 
David Parker 
Pat Picks, E 

Front row: David Terry. ^iPTark GreQory7 J' 
t. Keith Bybd^. Denni^Dalbent, Back ro' 
my Bowman.VFony Neydon, Scott Matyi 
C>iris Avii. 


The 1 9S2 Kellam \yvpesling team 
finished the season with a record of 
three wins, eight lasses, and one tie. 
The team was in fifth place. 

In the Beach district tounnannent, 
Kellam was well represented by Jim- 
my Bowman who won first place. Eric 
Woodhouse, Scott Matyiko, and Tony 
Neydon each finished third while Jeff 
Allgor and Chris Avii finished in fourth 
place. Jimmy BovA/man went on to win 
a regional championship. He lost a 
tough decision in the state finals at 
Green Run High School. 


A Small Hard Working Group 

Janine LovA/ery prepares for another stunt during her 
floor routines. 


This year's gymnastics team was 
the smiallest it has ever been. Each 
memiber gave their oppenents 
tough competition although the 
team did not alv^/ays win. The teann 
won its first meet, against Princess 
Anne, in three years. Janine Lo\A/ery 
continued as team standout and 
Kirby Malbone showed great im- 
provement. The team will have ex- 
perienced returnees next year in 
Susan Griffin and Chris Rogers. 


Janine Lowery is on top with uneven bars routine. 

Kirby Malbone coficentrates on her next move. 

r I, 



Best In 
20 Years 

The 19S1-19S2 Basketball season 
was the best season Kellam has ever 
seen. The teann won more gannes than 
any Kellam team has won In its 20 year 
history. Seniors, Junior Kelly and Kent 
Wade combined high scoring and good de- 
fense to add to a well rounded teann. 
Cocah Caruthens looks forward to next 
yean with the return of key players such 
as Roger Burnham, who \A/as a h igh scor- 
er as well as defensive standout. Tracy 
Shaw, whose outside shooting added ex- 
citement to all the games, and Roland 
Foreman, who was a second sennester 
standout. Also returning will be the 
team's tallest players' Tim Christian, Billy 
Holcomb, Robert Wadsworth, and Ken 
Gilbert. Other sophomores are expected 
to be good, strong players next year. 

Roger Burnham coaxes Junior Kelly's shot toward ^^ 



Boy's basketball team: front row: Roger Burnham, Jim Donman, Troy Moore. Tracy Shaw. James Owens. Kent Wade. 
Back row: Junior Kelly. Robert Wadsworth. Billy Holcomb, Ken Gilbert. Timi Christian, Brian Lester. Tim Owens, Ben 
Cason. Not pictured: Warren Stevens. 


A Great Season For Tlie 




A Rough. Season For Th.e Lady 


It's tip-off time once again! 


Trina Hairscon and Yvonne Wade set up che defense. 

The Lady Knights watch the ball with intensity. 

Girls Basketball Team: first row: Lynn Mueller, Tnna Hairston, Andy McLaurin, Valer:e Gowins, Lori Green. Margret 
Baird. Yvonne Wade, Coach Durant, second row: Bridget Baird, Kellie Bowman, Aleta Cason, Glenda Newman, Kathie 
Nance, Mary Anne Canon, Sherri Floyd. 


Building For 

The Lady Knights had a disappointing 
1 981 -B2 season. The girls did, howev- 
er, end the year on a high note with two 
wins oven Princess Anne. Although their 
record was 2- 1 3, the girls saw the year 
as a building one and look forward to 
next year and the return of many key 
players. The team was paced by the high 
scoring and good defensive play of Kel- 
ly Bowman. 

Sherni Floyd and Bridget Baird are determined 


The Future 

Kellie Bo\wman seems to be crapped! 


Boy's Soccer 

Melvin Bridges defends the goal. 

The Boy's soccer team worked very hand 
this year as all of Kellam's athletic teams 
have. The team \A/as mostly sophomores and 
juniors. Even with a relatively young team, the 
team did well in the very competitive Beach 
district. Junior, Todd Tourbin was the team's 
captain and leading scorer. 




Boy's soccer team: Front row: Ray Tourbin 
Edgar Toroc. Tim Hayes. Saeed Sooud;' 
Second row: Buddy Bachs, Rusty Meeker' 
Keith Bybee, Dav,d Gilespi. Todd Tourbin 
Back row: Richard Payne, Tim Wilkinson' 
□oug Larsons. Bob Gnffm. M,ke Mohrana 

The soccer team works for 



S^cy^Pe'cTmlnT.m'^Mcr "^T' I"^^^ ^'"-' ^^^^'^ ^-^V. Jack,e Gondon. Ron, Bneaux. second now: Rob,n R.chands 
^tacy Pecknnan. K,m McLoughhn, Tenesa S.mon. Chn.s Rogers, Back row: L,sa Schmale. Jul,e Kellam. Gayle Singleton. 


Come back here! 





The girl's soccer team had a much 
improved season under thier new coach 
Miss Kinzel. Miss Kinzei, a former 
Knight, led the girl's hockey team to a 
winning season, and was pleased that 
her soccer team enjoyed the sanne suc- 
cess. The Knights were led by a strong 
team of eight seniors, five juniors, and 
seven sophomores, and due to their 
strong showing this year Miss Kinzel ex- 
pects an even better season next year. 

Cheerleaders go oven the evening's program. 




uynn Mueller and 
Mike Hanley battle it 
out in the Ping-Pong 


Girls Track 

The girls worked ex- 
tremely hard and the 
team had some superior 
talent. However, the 
shortage of team mem- 
bers hurt the season. 
Many times one girl was 
placed in an event 
against four or miore 
opponents. There were 
other timies when a race 
had to be forfeited for a 
lack of enough girls to 
run a relay. Arnita Epps 
was the team captain 
and the most outstand- 
ing member. Earlier this 
year, Arnita won the 
state championship in 
the 55 meter hurdle. 

Girl's Track: Valerie Gowens. ?, Li 

'Sa Kelly. Janine Uowery, Susan Fr-ancis L.nna N/i.rt^i^ 
row: Patty Lesko. Barbara Sherrell Tracv Rar-M<.rr i /v ^ i-'^. l-u .aa Hill. Middle 

third row Travey Davidson AnH^It^^' ,^ B^^CIett. Lisa Anderson. Kr,ssy Patterson. 

Cn«nH Tr^JrZ "" °^-'^^°"' '^"^-^ Kiar, Jenny Benson. Kathy Nance. Gloria Woodhouse. 

Linda Hill passes her opponent during practice 



Arnita Epps won Che Scate Championship in Che 55 mecer hurdle and set a new scace record. 


Boy's Track 



Boy's Track; FirsL row; Richard Grimes. Gary Klme. Roger Grimes. Rick Lenc- 
zewski. George Tabora. Eric Cooper. Back row: Peter Battle. ?. Kevin Warren. 
Tim 0\A/ens. Brandon Jenkins. Jim Webester. Paul Miles, missing from picture; 
Wallace Drake. 

Enthusiasm and determination led the boy's track team to a 
rewarding season. The long hours of practice has paid off in the 
long run Paul Miles, Wallace Drake, and Rick Lenczewski had 
great individual performances. 












f-^ ,^^ V^ ^ .v*^ 

Wallace Drake prepares carry out Coach Lambiotte's 


Peter Battle nuns a fe\A/ nniles in practice 


Tlie Softball Team 

Sue Ewell has a scar^-dov^n with her bac in preparacion for her swing 
Batting practice is an important part of Softball 

This year proved to be a great experience 
for the young girl's Softball teann. The girls 
did vvell in the competive Beach district, as 
usual, and will have many returning players 
to lead Kellam to a probable State Cham- 

The Softball team: Kim Mitchell. Donna Neveu. Annette Morrison. Lori Green. Bridgette Baird, 
Knasy Patteraon, Kathy Deyo. Sue Ewell. Margaret Baird. Back row: Michele Moody. Gina Williams. 
Tina Clark. Lisa Holcombe. Shan Savage. Yuonne Wade. Barbara Sherell. 


A Learning Season For Golfers 

Joel Ashe practices his 
swing with concentration. 

This year's golf team consists of six 
Juniors and three Sophomores. The re- 
turning lettermen are Kenny DIeten, Joel 
Ashe, Jeni Hodge and Tony Allen. This will be 
a learning year with the underclassmen. 

Golf team members; Jim Dorman. Fred Stemple. and 
Kene Dieten. 


Here Today . . . Professional 


Pitchers Top to BotLom John Jones. Todd Barnee, 
Grog Schoor. Mike Kelly. Enc Henry. 

Outfielders: Terry HogQe. David Wells. BartMorrieon 
Thad Mason, Williann Hoggard, Brian Bolton, JimJupe 
na, Tom Felch. 

The Kellam baseball team en- 
tered the 1 9B2 season vA/ith 
twenty-one returning players 
from last year's team and high 
hopes of returning to the top of 
the Beach District standings. 
After winning the championship 
in 1 STS and 1 980, the Knights 
tied for third place in 1 981 with 
a team having only three return- 
ing senior players. This year's 
team should benefit from the 
playing experiences of the soph- 
omores and juniors from last 
year's team. 

Returning seniors include, 
Eric Henry, Mark Hogge, Tony 
Neydon, Donald Grigolite. Mike 
Kelly, Marty Jones, David Wells, 
Jim Driscoll, Bart Morrison, 
and Brian Bolton. A talented 
group of juniors is led by Greg 
Scheer, Lenny Snyder, Wayne 
Davenport, Todd Barnes, John 
Jones, Jim Jupena, Thad 
Mason, Tom Felch, Terry Hog- 
ge, Jim Bucholz, and Brian Bol- 
ton. Several promising sopho- 
mores appear to be able to con- 
tribute to the team's success. 

With the quality and quantity 
of players on this year's team, 
the Knights should be in the 
thick of the district race. With 
hard work and dedicated effort, 
they could put Kellam at the top 
of the standings once again. 

Catchers; Mark Hogge. Lenny Snyder 
Missing from picture: Tony Neydon. 

Returning Players: First ro\A/: Bart Morrison. Don Grigolite, Tom Felch, Wayne Davenport. Jim Jupena. Eric Henry, Lenny Snyder. Second row: 
Thad Mason, Mark Hogge. David Wells, Marty Jones, Terry Hogge. Robert Stoll Cmanager). Third row: William Hoggard. Todd Barnes, John 
Jones, "Doc" Hoggard-trainer, Greg Scheer, Brian Bolton, Mike Kelly. Missing from Picture: Tony Neydon. Jim Driscoll, Jim Bucholz. 


Jeffer-y Achesinski 1 a. B4 

Brian Adanns 1 1 . 64 

Michelle Aebel 119 

Geraia Ailstock 1 a, B4 

Cheryl Akers 1 O. 44 

Vera Akers 1 a. 34 

Mane Albanllo 1 O. 44 

Nanecce Albanllo 1 a. 34 

Davio Allen 1 a. 34 

Keich Allen 1 1 . 64 

Kevin Allen 1 a, 34 

Tom Allen 1 1 . B4 

Jeff Allgor 1 O. 44 

Bare Alcmann 1 a. 34 

Eoc Amaal 1 O. 44 

Mia Amici 1 O. 44 

Roy Annmons 1 9. 1 43 

Tony Ammons 1 O, 44. 114 

Debbie Andenson 1 1 . 64 

Use Anderson 1 O. 44 

Penny Anderson 1 a. 34 

James Andreoli 1 1 . 64 

Russell Andrews 1 O. 44 

Tony Andrews 1 1 . 64 

Heidi Angerman 1 O. 44 

Mark Angerman 1 0. 44 

Joseph Anola 1 1 . 64. 1 1 a. 1 a7 

Stan Armstrong 1 1 . 64 

Stephanie Armstrong 1 1 , 64 

James Arnold 1 O. 44 

Jeffrey Arnold 1 a. 34 

Mike Arnold 1 1 , 64 

Brant Ashbury 1 a. 34. 1 aa 

Joel Ashe 1 1 . 65 

Kelli Ashley 1 O. 44 

Chris Avii 1 O, 44. 1 73 

Lisa Aylesworth 1 O, 44 

Linda Babb 23 
Buddy Bacs 1 O. 44 
Dorothy Bacs 1 a. 34 
Bridgett Baird 1 1 . 65 
Tom Baise 1 O. 44 
Maryiou Baker 1 a. 34 
Richard Baker 36. 114 
Dione Balf 1 a. 34. Ill 
Jon Barchick 1 O. 44 
Fred Barcroft 1 G, 44 
Joe Barcroft 1 a. 34 
Lavora Barnes 1 1 . 65. 

Todd Barnes 1 1 . 65, 1 1 
Betty Barrett ai 
Jerry Barnngton 1 O. 44 
Shirley Barnngton B4 
Tracy Bartlett 44. "7. 

James Barton 45 
Pat Barton 65 
Swe Basdikis 30 
Shereen Bassette 45 
Kathy Bates 65 
Tanyia Batts 45 
Hugh Baum 45. 1 1 O 
David Baust 65, 1 1 "7 
Brad Beach 45 
David Beasley 65 
Kenny Beasley 65 
Jill Beavers S5 
Larry Becker 36. 3a 
Robert Becker 1 05 
Mary Jane Bekier 45 
Merrilee Belanga 
Shirley Belch B5 
Ms. Joanne Belda 1 9 
Angi Bell 65 
Pete Ballanger 45 
Tammy Bells 65 
Janits Bennet 65. 1 34 
Matt Bielinski 45. 111. 
Mary Binder 41 
Kenneth Billingsley 35 

1 1 5. 1 30 

ia3. 131. 133. 


110. 113. 1 a<4. 




Holly Birdsong 35, 1 1 3, 1 S2, 1 35 

1 ^"7. 1 30 
Gary Black 45 
Renee Blanchard 65 
Flo Blankenship 25 
Susan Blatnik 65 
Todd Blizzard 45 
Brian Bolton 85 
Sherry Boney 45 
Todd Boney 34 

Christopher Bonney 91 . 85, 111 
Mary Bonney 45 
Ray Bonney 65 
Allan Booth 45 
Anthony Bosnengo 45 
Beth Boultinghouse 85 
James E. Bowen 35 
Debra Bowman 65 
James M Bowman 35. sy 
Kellie Bowman 65 
Gary Bradford 35 
Sam Bradley 45 
Kevin Bradshaw 65 
Merle Brady 35 
Alan Brassard 65 
Cara Brasfield 65 
Brenda Bray 35 
Ronique Breaux 65. 1 a3 
Judi Brennan 3a 
Robert Breudle 65 
David Bridges 65 
Melvin Bridges 65. 1 33 
Anne Bright 35 
Dale Bright 45 
Jimmy Bright 45 
Julie Bright 45 
Debbie Bnmn 45 

Sandra Bnninger 35. 6. 1 04. 1 37 
Keith Brinn 35 
Randy Bristow 45 
Anthony Broadhead 119 
Kevin Brock 45, 115 
Michael Brock 45 
Kris Brocki 45 
Kurt Brocki 45 
Junior Brooks 45 
Teresa Brooks 85 
Steve Brotzman 45 
James Brown 1 36 
Johny Brown 41 
Sabrina Brown 45 
Scott Brown 65. 117 
Steve Brown 45 
Eileen Brunelle 
Mike Brunelle 65 
Inez Bryan 
Deborah Bryant 85 
Ella Bryant 45 
Jimmy Bucholz 65 
May Bugtong 65. 67 
Tina Bundick 45 
Mane Bunt 85. 114. 
Keith Buony 65 
Donna Burdell 6B. 1 34 
Duane Bunnga 6B 
Andrea Burleson 46 
Roger Burnham 68 
Keith Burns 35. 1 G5, 1 SS 
Robert Burrage 35, 115 
Hope Butler 46 
Jackie Butler 35 
Keith Bybee 46 



1 30. 1 35 


Shereo Cabildo 35 
Thomas Caffee 66 


Charlene Callis SB 

Kelley Campbell B6. BV, 1 SV, 1 B4. 1 3S 

Mary Campbell 46 

Jeff Cannaday SB 

Dennis Cannon BB 

Mary Cannon 6B, 68 

Ralph Cannon 66 

Terry Cannon S6 

Tracy Cannon BB. 1 2B 

Robin Capps BB. 39. 113, 11-4. 1 22, 

12y, 131 
Michael Csrdwell SB 
Carrie Carlson 1 1 B 
Scott Carlton 66 
Chris Carpenter 46 
Laura Carpenter 46 
Marc Canr 56. 115 
Sandra Cam BB 
Craig Carroll SB. B2, 1 1 O 
Charma Carter 46 
Curtis Carter 46 
Jeronica Carter BB 
Joey Caruthers 3S 
Aleta Cason 66 
Ben Cason BB 

Claudette Cason 66. 1 34, 1 35 
Dana Cason B7 
Michelle Cason 46 
Sally Cason BB 
Vernita Cason 66 
Lisa Cassel 46, 1 35 
Cynthia Cecil 
Jeff Chamberlain 66 
Mary Chapman 66 
Ray Chapman SB. 1 Q5, 1 32 
Mary Chappell 37. 1 2"7 
Andrea Cheracles BB 
Terrenes Cherry BB 
Wanda Cherry 1 05, 113,, 122, TSV. 131. 

Hand Chitwood 1 36 
Kimberly Chrisman 4B. Ill 
Julia Christensen BB 
Robert Christian 46 
Tim Christian 66 
Lisa Churchwell 66, 1 23. 1 32 
Sam Ciechon 46 

Brenda Cippolini 46 

Christine Cippolini B6 

Debra Cippolini 66 

Carmell Clark 46 

David Clark 66. 1 1 3, 1 23. 1 S4, 1 30. 

133. 142 
Jeff Clark 66 
Laura Clark 66. 1 35 
Laura Clark 66 
Tina Clark 46 
Sherrie Clarke 6"7 
Daria Clift BB 
Dawn Clift 4B 
Dawn Clouse BB 
Robert Coaro BV 
John Cochran 86, 111 
Brian Cohen 86 
Anita Collins 46 
Philip Collins 86 
Sammi Collins 6"7 
Karen Comstock 4B 
Jerry Connelly 46 
Timothy Conner B6 
Trine Conner BV 
Raymond Conroy 46 
Judith Cook BV 
Sherry Cook BV 
Brian Cooney BV 
Angela Cooper 46 
Eric Cooper 46. 114 
JoAnn Cope BV 
John Copenhaver BV 
Gilfred Corneio 101. 3, IDS 
Glenn Cornejo BV 
Mr. David O. Correll 5. 23 
Michael Costa BV 
Michelle Costa 46. 1 35 
William Coulson 46 
Mandy Counts AV 
Regina Counts 47 
Travis Cox 47. 1 1 O, 1 24 
William Cox 67 

Debra Craig 87, 1 D5, 1 1 3, 1 32, 1 30 
Benita Crain 67 
Todd Crain 47, 1 1 O, 114 
Anthony Cramer 87. 1 36 
Andrew Crenshaw 67, 1 1 O 
Mike Cribbs 47 
Paul Crigger B7 
Pat Crowell 67 
Fred Crowther 47 
Mark Crumb 67 
Lianna Cruz 67. 112 
James Cull 67, 111 
Mark Culver 67 
Jeffrey Cundiff B7 
Amy Cunningham B7 
Margaret Cunningham 47 
Shane Cunningham 47 

i I k 

Bill Daley 31 

Patrick D'Amico 87 

James Daniel 67 

Lorrie Danko 87 

Dennis Daubert 47 

Melinda Daveiga 87 

James Davenport 67 

Matthew Davenport 47 

Wayne Davenport 67 

Tracy Davidson 47, 1 34 

Angena Davis 47 

Celeste Davis 87 

Kimberly Davis B7. 1 1 5. 1 2B 

Kristen Davis 47 

Tammy Devia 6S 

Wanda Day BB, 115. 1 1 B 

Douglas Decal 47 

James Dear 47 

Keith Dee BB 

Michelle Degner 68 

Paul Degner 47 

Laurie DeHart BB 

Margaret Denning 1G4. 122 

Mike Denning 6S 

David Dennis 47 

Belinda Depew 87 

Darlene Depew 1 32 

Dana Deranek 68 

Kelly Devault 47. 1 35 

Michele DeVinney 68 

Ksthy Oeyo 68, 1 32 

Angie Dickerson 47 

Kene Dieter BB, 76 

Steve Divinski 63 

Troy Dixon 63 

Ben Dobrinsky 87 

Christopher Dockiewicz 63 

Erika Doran as, 105. 112 

Kevin Doran 47 

Jimmy Dorman 47 

Raymond Dorosz 29. 1 33 

Gail Dorsch 63. 1 34 

John Dorsey 47 

Russel Dorsey 47 

Monique Doutre 47 

Commander Dow 40 

Jason Dowdy 48 

Regina Dozier 69 

Jennifer Drake 4B 

Wallace Drake 

Teresa Drandy 63 

Teresas Drawey 1 35 

Barbara Driscoll 4B 

James Driscoll SB, 104, 132 

Joseph Driscoll 88 

Kyrk Driver 69 

Amanda Dudley 88 

Charlene Duncan 63, 123, 127. 131 

Parin Durbin 63 

Kelly Durrance 63 

Dot Durrant 3B 

Wendy Owiggins SB 

Hubert Eason 35 

Peon Edney 48 

Richard Ednor 48 

Constance Edwards SB 

Donald Edwards 88 

Joey Edwards 88 

Patty Edwards 1 34 

Raynard Edwards 88 

Sandy Edwards 48 

Wilms Egas 22 

Brenda Eller 88 

John Ellers 63 

Denise Elliott 48. 114. 116 

Larry England 4B 

Arnita Epps BB 

James Epstein SB 

Brian Etheridge B3 

Kenneth Etheridge 63 

Leslie Etheridge 83 

Lisa Ethridge 48 

Richard Etheridge B3 

Susan Etheridge 83, 1 30 

Ronnie Eubanks 48 

Ken Evans 63 


Kevin Evans S3 
Lawena Evans 31 
Linda Ewell •^B 
Susan Ewell 83 
Uly Exun-. 3S. 112 

Tar-a Faians 63 
Usa Falone 1 22 
Brenda Fantin B3 
John Farrar 
Tina Faino 1 34 
Chio Fairfield 4B 
Skip Feller 4B 
John Fellers 63 
Karen Fellers <4B 
Tom Fellhaver 4B 
Charles Ferguson B3 
Connie Ferguson 48 

Debbie Ferguson 63 

Luanne Files 48 

Kachy Filhiol 63 

Michael Fisher 

David Flanagan 83. 1 04 

Daphne Fleeger 114 

John Fleeger 63 

James Fleming 63 

Cecil Flora 63 

Sheri Floyd 48 

Teresa Floyd 83 

Bucch Flynn 80 

Robin Flynn 48 

Brian Follewell 48, 114 

Alfred Forbes 48 

Martin Foreback 83 

Joe Foreman 63 

Beccy Forrell 26 

Thom Forscer 4B 

Richard Foster 63 

Tim Foster 63 

Michael Foy 83. 111. 117 

Diana Francis 83 

Susan Francis 4S 

Tammy Franklin 83 

Damon Frazier S3 


Da\A/n Freeman S3 
Karen Freeman 48 
Tern Freeman 63 
Tracy Freeman 70. 1 36 
Jimmy Fremeau 48. 131 
Dana French 83. 1 SO 
Patty Froehler VO. 1 23 
Jeffrey Froman 83 
John Frost "7G. Ill 
Teresa Frost 43 
Dave Fry 70 
Helen Fry 43 
Yvonne Frykman 43 
Dorothy Fuel VO 
Bryan Fuller "70 
Phylis Fuller 41 
Charles Fucreli 70 

Deneen Gainer 83 

Tanya Caleb 83 

Tarena Gales "7Q 

Trina Galiardo 1 SV 

Audrey Gallo\A/ay 83 

Rosa Garcia 43. T. 1 1 3 

Teresa Gardner "70 

Rhonda Games "70 

Mr. Jim Garrett 1 5. 38 

Steve Garrett 43 

Wade Gatlin 43 

Annette Gaskill 83 

John Gerber 43 

Betty Gibson 23 

Bob Giffin 43 

Ken Gilbert 43 

Denise Giles 43 

Troy Gilgert 7G 

Chuck Gill 7G 

Tim Gill VO 

David Gillispie 70 

Chris Gist 43 

Carleen Glidden VO 

Eddie Gluckowski 70 

Donald Godwin VO 

William Golding 30. 1 37 

Michael Goode VO 

Amy Gordon VO 

Diane Gossett 30. Ill 

Roberta Gould 30. 1 35 

Valerie C. Gowens 30. 1 22 

Kim Gradine. 1 35 

Steve Gradine VO, 111 

Cora Granby 30. 113 

Dora Granby 30 

Marcia Granby 43 

Michael Granby VO 

Carlos Gray 30 

Gina Gray 1 24 

John Gray VO 

Robert Gray VO 

Ruth Gray 4 1 

Richard Graybeal 30 

Donna Green 43. 1 24 

Kinnberly Green 1 28 

Lori Green V. VO. 1 1 9. 1 32 

Tammy Green 43 

Brian Greene VO 

Ronald Greene 30, 1 37 

Donald Greer 43 

Daniel Grogory 43, 111. 1 32 

Joyce Gregory 35 

Mark Gregory 43 

Meade Gresalfi 70 

Linda Griffin 70 

Susan Griffin 70 


Susan Griffin 49, i i 5, i 23 

Teresa Griffith A3 

Vera Griffin 70, 30 

David Griffith 71 

Teresa Griffith 112 

Vickie Griffith 90. 114, 122, 131 

Kim Griggs 43 

Donald Grigolice 30 

James Grigolite 50 

Richard Grimes ^S, 1 1 <a, 1 33 

Roger Grimes AB, 111, 114. ^ 33 

Gail Grimstead 50 

Ricky Guadalupe 71 

Richard Guinter 30 

Todd Gundlach 71 

Dan Gunn 36, 1 SB 

Larry Guy 30 

Cindy Habit 23 
Robert Hadley 30 
Barbara Hahn 2A 
Bret Hahn 50 
Terri Hairston 50 
Trina Hairston 72 
Leilla Haley 3D 
Catherine Hall 30 
Lisa Hall 72, 1 1 O 
Mary Hall 30 
Michael Hall SO 
Maek Halstead SO 
John Halstead 72 
Tern Halstead 31 
Jacdueline Hancock 31 
Edward Hanes 50 
Cindy Hanley 31 
Mike Hanley 72 
Tammy Harden 72 
Scott Hardwick 31 
Mark Harrell 50 
Tommy Harrell 5D 
Teresa Harrington AO 
Annette Harris 72 
Edward Harris 31 
Iretta Harris 50 
Regina Harris 50, 
Rosie Harris A 1 
Julia Harrison 31 

Scott Harsh 72 
Daniel Hartman 50 
Eric Hartman 72, 115 
Cecil Hassel 72 
Norman Hassell SO 
Jennifer Hathaway 72, 111 
Terry Hathaway 72 
Tony Haynes 50 

Cynthia Havens 31 , 122, 131, 134 
Tomothy Hayes 31 
David Haynes 72 
Peggy Haynes 31 
Stewart Haynes 72 
Sandi Heacock SO, 1 
Janet Heard 71 
Judy Heffington SO 
David Heidlbough SO 
Denise Heleva 71 
Sheryl Helm 71 
Kimberly Hembree 31 
Michael Henderson 31 
Jim Hendrix SO 
Tare Henderson SO 
William Henry 31 
Kathy Hanson 71 
Jody Hewitt 71 

115, 1 34 

11a. 113. 115, 1 22, 


Wendy Hewitt 115 

Karen HIggins 71, 1 03, 123 

Pamela High 51 

Gina Hightshoe 32 

Larry Hill 51 , 1 02 

Leslie Hill 51 , 1 24 

Mr. Letcher Hill B, 1 B 

Linda Hill 71 

Mike Hill 51 

Stanley Hill 32, 1 32 

Aindrinell Hills 51 

David Hintz 71 

Delia Hireless 71 

Jim Hodge 71 

William Hodges 32 

Susan Hoff 71 

Linda Hoffman 71 

Michelle Hogan 131 

William Hoggard 

Mark Hogge 32, 1 30 

Terry Hogge 71 

Bill Holcomb 71 , 7B 

Lisa Holcomb 1 35 

Charles Holland 51 

Chet Holland 71 

Greg Holland 71 

Lois Holley 51 , 1 34 

Kim Holloway 71 

Sean Holloway 71 , 1 35 

Debra Holly 1 35 

Cleophus Holsey 41 

Paula Holt 32 

Dawn Hood 51, 135 

Robert Hook 51 

Robert Hughes 32, B4 

Scott Hughes 71 

Isaiah Hulley 32 

Debora Humphries 71 , 135 

Kenneth Hyde 51 

Ruth Ingeraon 72, 131 

Aaron Ingram 51 

Donald Inyman 72 

Joe lorio 72 

Sean lorio 51 

Richard Ivey 72, 116, 123, 131 

Robert Ivey 51, 111, its 

Maxine Jackman 51 

Donna Jackson 32 

Maryilyn Jackson 27 

Mike Jackson 51 

Priscilla Jackson 72 

Lisa Jacobs 72, 123, 131 

Brandon Jenkins 32 

Lynne Jenkins 73 

Mike Jenkins 51 

Patrick Jenkins 73 

Albert Jernigan 51 

Ricky Jiminez 73 

Patty Jobb 51, 135 

John Charles 32 

Audery Johnson 73. 1 1 O. 1 23 

Charlotte Johnson 51 , 1 33 

Deanna Johnson 73 

Donald Johnson 51 

Ken Johnson 73 

Lisa Johnson 51 , 117 

James Johnson 32 

Ralph Johnson 51 

Scott Johnson 51 

Andrew Johnston 32, 7 

1 32, 1 30 
Rondella Johnston 32 
Duke Jones 51 
Edith Jones 22 
Jeffery Jones 73 
John Jones 73 
Karen Jones 33 
Kim Jones 51 , 110 
Lisa Jones 33, 1 34 
Mark Jones 1 1 2, 1 27 
Martin Jones 33 
Scott Jones 52 
Tracy Jones 73 
Yvette Joyce 52, 111 
Caria Joyner 73 
Demetrus Joyner 73 
Lavern Joyner 33 
Jeanne Julian 33 
Jr. Class 1 1 
Jim Jupena 73 
Lena M. Justice 33 
Shelley Justice 73 

1 04, 1 1 4, 1 22. 


Jerry Karlis 52 

Cheryl Keenan 33, 34, 93. 3 113 1 22 
127 ■ ■ ' 

Jim Keenan 73, 111 

Gary Keith 52 

Juhe Kellam 33, 113, 131, 132 

Julie Keller 73, 111,1 23 

David Kelley 33 

Jr. Kelly 1 3B 

Lisa Kelly 131 


Jo»-*n Kennedy 131 

Ftobe'-c Kennedy 52 

Scott Ker-sey "73 

Budget Kidd 7^3 

Tl-iaa Kimble 51 . 1 32 

Mactf^eNA/ King 52. 115 

Suzanne King 33, 1 22. 1 30 

Diane Kinne 33 

Rose Ann Linne 33 

S»-ier«-i Kirtay 32. 34 

Gar-y Klein 34 

Sner-yl Klein 74 

DaviO Klingensmicn 34. 1 32 

Angela Kmghc 74 

Malma Kmgt-ic 52 

Laurie Knucsen 34 

Carol Kowalski 21 

Nicholas Kozoroz 34. 112. 131. 133 

Alisa Kranner 34 

Kevin Kramer 52 

Anthony Krug 34. 1 5. 76. 1 22. 1 32, 1 30 

Danny Kuut-iarczk 74 

Lola Kulpa 4 1 

Diane Kwasny 34 

Ricl-iard Kwiackowski 74. 1 27 

Dawn Kyker B2 

Kelly Kyker 34 

Sarah Lee 41 ^M 


Hochelie Legac 35 ^ 


Rick Lenczewski 74 


Andrew Lewis 35 


Joanne Lewis 31 


Claire Liebert 40 


Julius Liguid 53 

Joaquin Linsangan 74 

Paul Linsangan 53 


Licerart Art Club 1 1 


Janice Little 74 

Candle Livingstone 53 

Laurie Livingstone 74 


Lisa Lloyd 74 

Lori Lodge 53, 1 1 G 


Walker Lodsdon 74 


Dan Loftus 53, 115 


Richard Lofxus 53 


Brad Logsdon 53 


Anita Lonesome 74 

Mary Anne Longo 53, 1 34 

Janine Lowery 35. 99. 1 1 3. 1 22. 1 27. 

131, 132. 185. 142 

Mike Lowery 53 

John Ludford 53 

Jeff Ludvik 53 


Beth Ludvik 74. 97 


Alisa Ludwick 95 


Mr. Kenneth Lumpkin 1 B 


Lisa Lupton 53 


Carol Labahn 94 

Rhonda La Forest 74 

Tammy Lagle 52 

Jennifer Lamb 74 

Gail Lamberaon 52 

Mike Lambiotte 31 

Uea Lamm 52 

Daniel Lane 74 

Kurt Langenwalter 74, 111 

Viktor Lao 52 

Joe Larkin 52 

Margie Larkin 74 

Litiba Larry 74 

Doug Larson 74 

Chnetine Laahinaki 74 

Chuck Laslo 74 

Staven Laalo 94 

Mildred LawiiB 94 

Liea LawBon S5S 

Jeff Ledford BS 

Bryan Lee 52 

John Lee S3 

Randy Lee 74 

Sylvia Lynch 74 
Laura Lyon 95 


Laurie Mace 74 

Matt MacFadden 53 

Madrigals 1 1 

Eric Meier 74 

Karen Majette 74 

Richelle Maior 53 

Jeff Malbon 53 

Kirby Malbone 76. 95. 1 32 

Denice Mandraa 74 


Marlon Madera 54 
John Marchione 74 
Robert Marcus 35 
Richard Marsh 74 
Michelle Martin 74 
Sherry Martin 75 
Tammy Martin 54. 1 34 
Tonia Martin 54 
Mike Maskell 54 
Deborah Mason 95 
Thaddeus Mason 74, 76 
Scott Matiko 54 
Lisa Matthews 74. 1 1 4. 1 23 
Patrick Mature 22 
Brian Maxwell 95 
Shawn Maxwell 54 
Craig Mayo 74 
Kathryn Mays 95 
Diana Meanally 54. 131 
Fred McCarthy 54 
Tammie McClam 54 
Teresa McClellan 75 
Kendall McClung 54 
Tim McCormick 54 
Kelly McCoy 21 
Lorine McCoy 41 
David McGrew 75 
Lisa McGrew 95 
Beverly McGuire 54 
Joseph Mclntire 95 
Kathy Mclntyre 75, 1 35 
Cindy McKinney 75. 1 23 
Andrea McLaurin 95, 1 22, 1 32 
Howard McLeod 54 
Kimberly McLaughlin 54. 1 24 
Sam McNutt 
Melissa McPherson 75 
Steven McPherson 54 
David McRae 1 2. 75 
Marissa McRae 54 
Kathleen McSally 75 
Rusty Meeker 75 
Pam Mercer 34 
Robert Merkel 75 
Arlene Michael 75 
Keith Michael 54 
Kevin Micheals 3S 
Peggy Middleton 25 
Donnie Midgett 95, 1 27 
Sheila Midgett 95 
Debra Milano 54 
Cassabdra Miles 54 
Paul Miles 
Chris Miler 75 
Donald Miller 95 
Paul Miller 55. 112 
Tamara Miller 35 
Tammy Miller 35. 1 32 
Ten Miller 55 
Terry Miller 75. 115 
Timothy Miller 
Victor Miller 75 

Andy Mine 123. 127. 131. 75. IIO 
Mary Beth Mina 55. 114, 116 
Teresa Miracle 55 
Helen Mitchell 20 
Janevette Mitchell 55 
Kermit Mitchell 55 
Kimberly Mitchell 
Christine Mone 55. 113 
Sheryl Mone 36. 101. 132. 1 30, 137 
Art Monson 75. 76 
Janet Moody 55. 1 34 
Maahell Moody 55. 1 34 
Wade Mood 55 
Suzanne Mooney 36 
April Moore 55 
Charles Moore 83 
Erik Moore 76 
Julie Moore 55. 1 24 
Lynn Moore 55 


Troy Moore 1 36 
Mike Moranha "76. 1 35 
Terena Moranha 36, 114 
Teresa Moranha 113. 114, 
Douglas Morelen 55 
Connie Morgan 1 24. 55 
Diane Morgan "76 
Emily Morgan 30. 64 
James Morgan 36 
Johnny Morris 38 
Judy Morns "76 
Mary Bech Morris 76, 1 34 
Sarah Morris 55. 115 
Annette Morrison "76 
Bart A. Morrison 36 
Ian Morrison 55 
Donny Morse "76 
Christine Mosler 1 24 
James Moyer 55 
Tom Moyer 55 
Randy Moyer 36 
Valeri Muegge 76 
Stephen Mueller 76 
Sheila Mullen 76. 1 34 
Carolanne Mullens 76 
Dawn Mullens 55 
Cynthia Mullins 36, 1 36 
Mr. Richard Multer 37 
Cordelia Munden 55 
Vincent Munden 55 
Sandra Murabito 36 
Lisa Murden 76 
Darlene Murphy 36 
Kathleen Murphy 36 
Mike Murphy 76 
Mike Murray 76 
George Myers 76 
Glenn Myers 36 


Debra Olds 41 

Dawn Oliver 36. Ill, 

Vonnie Olson 77 

Chris O'Neal 76 

Jamie Orlowski 76 

Elizabeth Oropeza 36 

Melody Orsargos 56 

Kerry Osmer 76 

Brian O' Sullivan 56. 1 2B 

Randy Overacre 36 

James Owens 56 


1 12 


Kathy Nance 55 
Diondra Nash 55 
Kevin Nash 55 
Donald Nation 76 
Dawn Nation 76 
Charles Nave 55 
Whitney Neely 96 
Penny Nelson 55 
Donna Neveu 76, 1 23 
Dawn Newton 1 33 
Glenda Newman 1 27 
Tony Neydon 37 
Richard Nichols 36 
Paul Nicholson 7B 
Joe Niedbala 55 
Mrs. Martha Nielsen 27 
Dennis Noble 36 
Donald Nolette 55 
William Nosay 76 
Fernando Nunez 55 
Jennifer Nyreen 36 

Marsha Oberlies 56, 1 1 5. 1 34 
Elizabeth Oglesby 56, 112 

Wendy Pacheco 77, 113, 1 23 

Bobbi Page 56. 114 

Teresa Pait 77 

Robert Palmer 36 

Susan Palmer 1 24 

Harry Parks 37 

Paul Parsons 56 

Holly Parr 56 

Rhonda Parker 56 

David Parker 56 

Susan Palmer 56 

Miss Frieda Parr 32 

Marie Partridge 77 

Krissy Patterson 77 

Randy Patterson 77 

Donna Pauett 56 

Roxanne Pauley 37 

Paul Pavlides 56. 1 1 D, 131, 133 

Susan Paxson 56 

Yvonne Paxson 56 

Richard Payne 56 

Stuart Payne 22 

Robin Paysse 37 

Joseph Pearson 77 

Julie Pearson 37 

Stacey Peckman 56, 1 1 G 

Heather Pendleton 77. 1 23 

Edith Pereux 77 

Ronnie Perez 77 

Tammie Phillips 56 

Emma Piceno 56 

Alisha Pickering 56 

Suzanne Piotrowski 37 

Joe Pisciotta 37, 1 04. 1 30 

Norma Pittman 9S 

Stacey Pittman 77 

Karen Piatt 77 

Mel Plirvis 56 

Bryan Plymak 77 

Susan Poe 57 

Mrs. Zee Pohler 35 

Teena Pollock 57 

Track Pollock 33 

Wayne Pond 33 

Barbara Poole 77. 1 36 

Joe Portafe 77 

Kim Portlock 77 

Lei Ann Potter 57, 76, 112 

Debby Potts 77, 1 1 2. 1 33 

Dixie Powell 57 

Jerry Pratt 57. 111 

Mrs. Elizabeth Predmore 21 

Andrew Privott 57 

Lea Prough 57 



Congressman Whitehursc answers a question after 
his speech to the students. 

Va. Beach Leadership Workshop: Debbie Perry. Kel- 
ley Campbell, Greg Scheer. Holly Birdsong, Sylvia 
Rose, David Clark 


Girl's and Boy's State: Holly Bird- 
song, Stephanie Willianns. Janine 
Lowery, Edgar Tonoc. 

Mr. Hill receives a check from the 
Booster Club during the fall 
sports banquet. 


Mr. Ammons and t-iis helpers, Kelley Campbell. Tony Krug. and Colleen 
Walsh, tackle another problem. 

Miss Parr helps herself and others at the Foreign Language Banquet. 

French students show off their dancing skills for the other languaae etu 
dents and guests. 

Chris Bonney and Kevin Warren practice for an upcoming show 


Chris Bonney, Wanda Cherry, and Mr. Mike Lamblotte represented our school at Kellam's foreign exchange students: Maria Villanueva and Eli- 
Convention II in Washington, D. C. zabeth Oropeza. 

Long . . . 

k. 1 








i. £ 









»*vt ^ 






y-» . *i 







■ \\ 

1 1^ 








> • 


-*-^ ^ 





Cheryl Keenan and Wanda Cherry: Governors School participants. 

Pacricia C3ueenan y? 
Caroline Q^evedo 57 
Coonne Q<_ievedo 77. 1 23 
Jerf-y Quick 77. 113 

CHns Ramsey 77 

Faicn Rankin 38 

Renay Rayner 57 

Jer"»~y Raynor 57 

Philip Reaa 57. 1 1 O 

Diana Rearxion 1 22 

William Reardon 57 

ReDecca Redmon 57 

Sl-iaron Reed 57 

Holly ReiCi 77. 1 1 O. 1 27. 1 30 

Joe Reynolds 57, 112 

Shelley Rhoads 7B 

Bnan Rice 7B 

Delene Rice 57 

Don Richards 7B 

Kim Richards 57. 114 

Robin Richards 3 1 . SB. 132. 137 

Sylvia Richards 57 

Beth Richards SB. 1 1 S. 1 32 

Pac Ricks 57 

Angela Hiddick 7S 

Anne Riddick 57 

Karen Riddick SB 

Melody Riddick 7S 

Meivin Ridley SB 

Jonathan Riley 5B. Ill 

Fred Ringer 5S 

Barbara Roberts 3B 

Caro Roberts 3B 

Pamela Roberts 58. 115 

Tanya Roberts 78 

William Roberts 7B 

Lynn Robinson 5B 

Lera Robison 78, 112. 113. 116 

Kris Rogers 58 

Patty Rollins 58. 1 1 S. 1 35 

Darren Roney 7B 

Michael Rose 78 

Sylvia Rose 78, 1 1 O. 113, 1 23. 1 27. 

1 84, 1 3G, 1 34 
Karen Ross 1 OB 
Gayle Ross 38 
Ann Rowan 30 
Renee Roy 78 
Sandi Rudd 58 
Robert Russell 38 

NelBon. Sanderlin 78 

Carmen Sontiago 38 

Milton Saunders 41 

Reginald Saunders 78 

Theresa Saunders 58. 117, 131 

Shan Savage 58, 1 1 O, 1 24. 1 35 

Mike Sawyer 78 

Barbara Schaarochmidt 1 1 , 7B. 1 1 O. 

115, 118, 1 23 
Norman Schaeffler 7B 
Melissa Schiabi 9S 
Tommy Schiyrer 3B 
Edward Schleif 22 
Kim Schneider 1 23 

Valerie Schuidluisz SB 
Jodi Schuiz 58 
Barbara Sciorcmo 40 
Susan Scocc SB 
Wayne Scott 53. 1 1 O 
Yvonne Sebastian 53 
Julie Sehn 53 
Karen Sehn SB. 114 
Lisa Selig 53 
Nancy Sellers SB 
Jim Sereno 31 
Mike Setzer 53 
Robert Setzer 20 
Louann Shaffer 53 
Kenny Shaner 53 
Michelle Sharrov/ 53 
Patty Shear 5S 
Lore Sherman 53. 7B. 
Kim Sherrick 53 
Bernice Shields 53 

t ~fony Sno«vden 53 ^^^^^^^^^H 

Lennie Snyaer BO ^^^^^^H 

Tim Sonaerson 80 ^^^^| 

Sseea Sooudr SS ^^^H 

Chris SpaltPo BO 

MoniQue Sparrow BO 

Brenda Spence S3 J^^H 

Erma Spence 41 ^^^^ 

Glenda Spence SO ^^^H 

Kim Spence SO ^^H 

Vernell Spence BO ^^^ 

Danny Spivey 53 | 

Frank Spivey 53 i 

Wanda Spratley BO * 

1 1 O. lis 

Judi Sheilds 53 

Joe Shevely 53 

Bernie Shuldham 38 

Cheryl Silverthorne 33, 1 35 

Danny Simmers 53 

Teresa Simons 1 33 

Clark Simpson 53 

Marlene Simpson 53 

Scott Sinnpson 33 

Jennifer Singletary S3 

Gayle Singleton 33, 1 04, 127, 132 

Cynthia Singley 33 

Tracy Skelly 33 

Augustine Smith 33 

Betty Smith 24 

Cathey T. Smith 33 

Eileen Smith 53, 111 

Michael Smith 33 

Robert Smith 33 

Robert Snack 33, 1 22 

James Snowden 53 

Jennifer Springer 53 

Lisa SpruiM 80 

Michele Spruill 5S. 1 1 S. 1 24 

Matt Stairs 53 

Barry Stallings 1 OO 

Teresa Stallworth 53 

Laurie Stange 1 OO 

Christopher Stankus 1 OO 

Michelle Stankus BO 

Christopher Stanley 1 OO 

Tony Scaton 53 

Rodney Steed SO 

Fred Stemple BO, 131 

Warren Stevens 53 

Anthony Stevenson BO 

Kelly Stewart 53 

Michael Stewart 1 OO 

Zena Stith BO 

Wendy Stitz 1 OO 

Susan Stockir BO 

Kim Stocks 60 

Chester Stoll 60 

Robert Stoll 

Delores Stone 35 

Maria Storm 34 

Steven Stottlemyer 1 OO 

Rick Stout SO 

Chris Strange 53 

Jeff Strange BO 

Shane Straley 60 

David Stratton SO 

Sherri Stratton BO, 1 34 

John Strong 1 OO 

Crystal Suggs 1 OO 

Sonya Sullivan BO 

Linda Suton SO 

Sean Swansboro BO 

Lois Sweet 1 OO 

Robin Swoope BO 

Peggy Sykes 27 

Wayne Sykes 1 S 

Angelia Szekely 80 

George Tabora BO 

Maria Tabora BD. 1 24 

Lori Taft 1 OO 

Mike Taft SO 

Cathy Tatem BO, 115 

Donna Taylor BO 

Eddie Taylor BO, 1 1 O 

Francine Taylor BO, 113 

Glen Taylor 8 1 

Kitty Taylor 60, 115 

Shelley Taylor 81 . 1 23 

Lisa Taylor 1 OO, 1 1 3, 1 22. 1 27 

Shelley Taylor 1 23 

Tern Taylor 60, 114, 131 

Tim Taylor 81 , 111 

David Terry BO. 115 

Anita Thoilar BD. 1 35 


114. 12a 

Deanna Thomas BO 

Joyce Thomlinson 1 S 

Jack Thompson 1 OO 

Jacqueline Thompson 1 OO 

John Tilghman BO 

Tracy Tillman 1 OO. 1 35 

Michael Tinnes 60 

John Tirey B1 

Crystal Thomas B1 

Michael Thomas 81 

Dawn Tobin 1 OO 

Karen Tobola BO 

Joyce Tohill 61 

Lloyd Tohill B1 

Scott Tolley B1 

Edgar Toi-oc 1 OO. 1 05. 1 27, 1 S5 

Beverly Torok 39 

Christine Tortone 1 OO 

Ricky Tortone B1 

Raymond Tourbin 1 OO 

Todd Tourbin B1 

Aurora Townsend 1 OO 

Latangie Townsend 61 

Aaron Tucker 61 

Harry Turnbull B1 

Otto Turnbull 61 

Billy Turner 61 

George Turner 61 

Linda Turner SI 

William Turner 1 OO 

Debbie Tuure 61 , 115. 124 

Stanley Twiford 1 01 

Ken Tyree 61 


David Vaclavicek 101 

Mr. Herman Valentine 23 

Yolando Valeros 61 

Scott Vance 32 

Lynnecte Vango 61 . 117 

Michele Van Moppes 82 

Donald VanNostrand B1 

Nancy VanNostrand 82 

Mr. Mike Venture 33 

Melinda Vaughan 101 

Malia Vega 61 

James Vergonio 62. 1 33 

Leigh Vest 62. 1 35 

Curtis Vest 101 

Trent Vick 62 

Jim Videll 62 

Mrs. Dori Videtich 24 

Maria Villanueva 101. 11 O. 131 

Petra Vohs 61 . 111 

Debbie Volger 61,1 34 


Bob Waddington 61 
Kent Wade 101 
Yvonne Wade 61 , 131 

I Mrs. Ellen Wadsworth 24 

Robert Wadsworth 62 
Kathleen Walizer 101, 136 
i Arlando Walker 62 

; Mrs. Kathy Walker 30 

Abby Wall 61, 1 35 

Donna Wall 101 

Rhonda Wall 101, 1 1 O, 134 

Henry Wall 82 

Colleen Walsh 101, 1 05, 113. 122, 1 30, 

Maria Walsh 1 2. 82. 1 32 
Michelle Walters 62 

Dave Warren 1 02, 1 1 O. 113. 1 65. 1 39 
Kim Warren 101 
Kevin Warren 82, 1 32 
Mary Lynn Warren 1 1 
Shawn Warren 6 1 
Dana Waterf leld 1 02 
Donnie Waterf ield 61 
Regina Waterf leld 1 02 
Robin Waterf leld 61 
Theresa Waterhouse 82 
Tommy Watson 82 
Cheryl Weaver 82 
Mr. Glenn Webb 33 
Troy Webb 6 1 

Jim Webster 61, 1 1 O. 133. 1 30 
Rebecca Welch 61 
Roland Welch 82 
David Wells 1 02 
Dennis Wells. 61 
Matthew Werle 1 OS 
Ms. Sam Wernick 40 
Robert Westbrook 1 02. 112 
Robert Wheeler 1 02 
Denise White 61 
Frank White 62 
Mark White 61, 76 
Randolph White 1 02 
Sandy White 21 
Regina Whitehurst 83, 1 35 
Mrs. Barbara Whiteway 20 
Darren Whitfield 1 02 
Helena Whitfield 82 
Valerie Whitfield B1 
Diana Whitney 62 
Mr. Bill Wicks 30. 76 
Mrs. Marilyn Wicks 31 
Sherman Wiggins 62 
Mr. Norman Wilde 40 
Tim Wilkinson 63 
Donna Williams 83 
Gene Williams 62 
Gina Williams 62. 1 34 
Heidi Williams 62. 115 
Kelly Williams 1 02 
Kimberly Williams 1 02 
Lisa Williams 1 03, 1 22, 1 30 
Marion Williams 41 
Marion Williams 1 03 
Sharon Williams 63 
Sonya Williams 62 
Stephanie Williams 1 Q3. 6, 1 04, 1 22, 

132. 130, 185 

Shenell WilliamB 62 

Terrie Williama B3 

Thaxcon WilliamB 62 

Vann Williams 83 

Wendy Williame 63 

Tina Williame 63 

Lisa Williamson 1 03 

Patricia Williamson 1 03. 1 33 

David Wilson 83 

Deniee Wilson 63 

Steven Wilaon 1 03 

Tonya Wilaon 63 

Marlene Wilson 83 

Monica Winf ree 1 03 

Becky Winstead 112 

Steven Winstead 1 03 

Paul Winston 83 

JoAnn Witkowski 1 OS 

John Witkowski 83 

Kathy Wolak 83 

Kathy Womble 63 

Charles Wood 1 03 

Cheryl Wood 83 

Margaret Wood 83 

Eric Woodhouse 63 

Gloris Woodhouse 83 

Mr. Richard Woodruff 22 

Frank Woolston 83 

Michelle \A/orkman 63. 1 1 O, 1 24, 1 28 

Tammy Worlds 63 

David Worley 131 

Roy Worley 63 

Christina Wright 1 35, 83 

Robert Yancy 63 
Robert Yatsko 63 
Chris Yeatman 83, 131 
Eric Yoder 1 03 













^ ^. ^ 









Hfii / 

T^ V>>ckd 'fXU.o \ o'v ^^^) Oov'b ^xt/3^r 

' -^O. A.W., ^^^, ^^^^ i 

,o ^ 

-\. V%t.cxrci. vor^o.^ -^V^^^ 5"c.lO^ ^Ov> ^O "^^^ ^ Ci "^i,^ ^^ 

<^oto^ N^i^ y>^j, So r\ovW\L ! ^^\c^ ^^"^^ cb^oio-^ 9oro^L,^ ^^ 

C^vot oc^^ CcNid Gc^.S -::)°-^ Coi^^^\,.^^o.^^oo ^ o^-^ Kcvio^ o^o J ^^ 

'^<>-<- ^^cxW^ e^<\^^ ^ b^ei.\ c^^«>6 .^^M awd aN\ o.Co..^.6 



^^ ^ ^ ,.^^41 . ^\ f L.^4l, 

^ ^ 



Volunne Twenty of the Challangar was published by Hunter 
Publishing Company of WInston-Salenn, North Carolina. Each 
of the eight hundred fifty copies printed contains one hun- 
dred ninety-two pages, with eight ^-color pages. The cover is 
maroon lexitone, with a grey mylar hot stamp. 

All body copy is 1 Opt 2pt Eurostiie with bold print. All 
captions are Bpt 2pt. Group identifications are 8 pt. Head- 

't lines are American Typewriter. 

Dividers were drawn by Monica Winfree. Photography is 
done by May Bugtong, Dav^ Warren, Lavora Barnes, and 
School Pictures Inc. 

Special thanks go to Mr. Ammons without whom I would be 
lost, the secretaries in the office: Mrs. Boomer, Mrs. Futch, 
and Miss Allen, who put up \A/ith all my complaints and prob- 
lems, my mother and father, for all their love, support and 
patience. Thanks to all. 

Well, it's finally over! While sitting here at my desk, I keep 
asking myself — was it worth it? The missed lunches, the five 
minute dinners, the panic before deadlines, the fallen grades, 
and the sleepless nights? It's difficult to decide. But the more 
I think of the hard work and the sacrifices, the more I appreci- 
ate the ultimate accomplishment — this book. I've scratched 
and clawed my way through bureaucratic red tape, student 
apathy, and staff unrest in order to produce the best possi- 
ble yearbook under the circumstances. This is the finished 

I could never have done this alone. Teamwork made this 
book possible, specifically my assistant editor, Lavora 
Barnes. Thank you so much, you made my life much easier by 
your dependability and understanding, plus working with you 
was a re mark able experience. And you too, Julie, David, and 
Keith CKeifer]; none of the three of you can type, but who 
cares, maybe someday you'll all be typists par excellence )ust 
like the staff you made up. I love you all, and good luck in 
everything you try. 

^mV Dave 



^"Wa. 1o^</ '^V^- ^' 

13 ^/^ 


hAttv to i^' '^^^ /f ^Y^/^^"-^ 




r -^ 





■=''] \ <s^1 

,\ V'.v..4' 
















r '..A ^^^'^ 





, o ^,U 



a 1 






e'f'T ^k^^ ^,v«- 





-- -J 

•^aa^?^ r^ -= 

^^E _s— ' 

-v'^— - 

— — *' 

'0/ ■ <iy 



6 ^ ^ 

^ p 




Q. Ci/ 

c c 



y o ^^x 



C? ^ 

r^ ~C "^^ 







^ ^ -c / S' '^ :-^^^^ 



<l' ^ 

* " wfr? 






.i .^v". 



■ t 



7. ,,i/; •' 

, ,,^ ',< 

,f '■■U.-'v ■,> 


, ^TH . 

!" '-!.:{<; 

ill - w ' ♦ , •(